Sunday March 21, 2010

We have daffodils!  Whoo hoo!  Spring has arrived in Kentucky, with the pastures getting greener every day and temperatures in the 60s most of the past week.  Not to mention how great it is to see those bright yellow daffodil blooms!  By this evening we are seeing the beginnings of a spring rain, but for most of the day it was lovely out.

And the horses just love this weather.   Most of them were hard pressed to decide what to do today—nap in the sun, graze the new green grass, or run and play?  Most of them opted to eat and play, but Fortunate Prospect chose the nap.  He stretched right out on his side and snoozed away.  Gramps is shedding his winter hair in great clumps—it’s all over his paddock and along the fence where people visit him.   As I patted him this afternoon, you could grab big handfuls of loose hair and let it blow away in the wind. 

But Gramps isn’t the only horse shedding, and most of them especially enjoy it when we scratch their itchy spots.  On this morning’s tour, Kiri turned his butt to us.  I think the people on the tour were a little taken aback until I explained that Kiri wanted us to scratch his itchy back.  So all three of us found a spot and started scratching.  Talk about a happy horse.  Unfortunately, that was yet another reason for Awad to get jealous.  Waddy ran, he kicked and he bucked–anything to draw the attention, and the carrots, back to him. 

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned how the persistent mud of winter has made Benburb look like some kind of washed-out palomino.  It isn’t just me who thinks that—one of the women on a tour today looked across the hill toward Bennie’s paddock and asked what color we call “that blonde horse.”  Vive de mudde, maybe??   Or maybe palomuddo… The only gray horses who are not blonde are Bull, who is nearly white, with his silver gray mane and tail, and Black Tie Affair who is the color of pearls.  Bull is too vain to get that dirty, and Blackie too sensible!

Ogygian, in his own way, helped set a visitor’s mind at ease today. Apparently her veterinarian has recommended her horse’s bad eye be removed, and she has been worried about doing that.  But she was amazed at how well Ogie manages with one eye, and I think she felt much better about having to take that step with her own horse.  I think Ogie was glad to help, because he stood patiently while she patted his face and fed him carrots.

There are a couple of horses who like to race the dogs—specifically Will’s Way loves to race Marley.  I wish I had a video camera, because this morning the two of them raced back and forth along the fenceline four or five times.  Will runs with his neck bowed and his face turned down to Marley, and Marley keeps an eye up on Will. They have a blast running side by side, the big bay horse and the little tan boxer.  It’s really cute, and I’m not saying that just because Marley is my dog!

One of the nice things about spring, besides the nicer weather of course, is that the new horses are finally getting to know what tours and buckets are all about.  Gulch pretty much comes over every time, and he is a very nice horse who is happy to be patted.  Of course, a few carrots and a mint or two aren’t too bad either!  The other horse who has settled right into the tour routine is Cherono.  (For better or worse, I want to call him Cherry Baby—like the old song! He might be stuck with Cherry, though.) Since being gelded and moving behind the office into Proper Reality’s old paddock, he has become a tour pro. He comes right to the fence and loves to be patted and fussed over.  He is a nice horse. 

Well, that wraps up another day at the farm.  We have been getting busier with tours, and as we head into April we’ll be into full-fledged tour season. Old Friends continues to do tours at 10 am, 1 pm and 3 pm daily.  We do appreciate reservations!   We hope you can visit us soon. In the meantime, thanks for spending this Sunday with Old Friends.



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3 responses to “Sunday March 21, 2010

  1. Jean in VA.

    Thanks again Val for making my Sunday evening.

  2. MRO

    I enjoy hearing about the boxers almost as much as I do the horses. They’re the best dogs!

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