Sunday February 21, 2010

Our recent cold and snowy winter gave way this weekend to a hint of spring.  With sunshine and temperatures reaching the low 60s today, most of the snow is melted and you got the feeling that winter is on its way out.  But over the not too distant past few weeks, we did see some snowy weather.   Rick Capone took some great winter  photos and was willing to share them.  Thanks, Rick!




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3 responses to “Sunday February 21, 2010

  1. Jean in VA.

    Thanks Rick for the photos and thanks Val for posting them. I have enjoyed looking at them.
    Give everyone a big hug and carrot or mint from me.

  2. Yeah….my sire finally got his picture on your blog. I must say…Shadow Caster is the brightest horse of all (color).

  3. MRO

    Shadow Caster is gorgeous. This is the first time I’ve seen his photo. Also, thanks for including both of my Slew boys.

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