Sunday January 3, 2010

There is cold, and then there is cold!  The frigid air covering much of the central part of the country has settled into central Kentucky as well.  You’d think the horses would be cold—I surely was—but they were all happily munching hay or napping.   When I arrived at the farm in today’s brisk 10-degree morning, Dan was laying down in the sunshine having a nap, as was Escaped.  Commentator was standing and napping in the sun across from Bull.  Proper Reality must love the cold because he was alternating between enthusiastically bouncing around and standing at attention, as he watched the farm tractor putter down the driveway.  Black Tie Affair wears a nice cozy blanket, as do a couple of newer horses who don’t have thick winter coats.  But for the most part, the horses were nowhere near as cold as the people.

If you read my post from a couple days ago, you know that we gelded two horses this past week.  My pal Lukas, who normally comes right over when I call, wanted no part of me this morning.  He clearly let me know he did not forgive me for being part of his surgery.  He picked up his head when I called, then very deliberately turned his butt to me.  Boy, do they let us know how they feel!   Luke made his point, and this afternoon before I left the farm I stopped to see him again.  This time he came over and nuzzled me.  So, I guess we’re good.

One of the things that always amazes me is how new horses pair off and become friends.  When Smokey Stover arrived, we paired him with Benburb.  They are BFFs now, the black horse and the white one.  More recently, Seek Gold and a horse named W.C. Jones paired up.  The two of them stood down by the main road today, watching traffic go by. They seemed quite entertained.  Although maybe the mares across the road at Summerwind had something to do with it!  Our newest pairing is Tour of the Cat and a gelding named Malibu Mix.  They began sharing a paddock this week and they are already pals. 

And let me just say this:  on a farm full of pretty horses, Smokey Stover is among the most stunning.  He was standing at the fence today, with his neck arched and the wind blowing his tail, as he snorted at Luke.  You just have to stop and stare.  

Wallenda and Gulch are still side-by-side in the big barn.  I brushed Wallenda, as usual, and Gulch peered at us between the boards in the stall.  So I went in to run the brush over Gulch, and Wallenda kept a close eye on things between the same gap in the boards.  I suppose it is human nature to look for similarities between father and son, and since Wallenda is my boy, I am inclined find those comparisons.  Wallenda has Gulch’s wide, short, fuzzy, ears and their heads are much the same shape.   Both horses eat peppermints the same way—they kind of suck on them for a bit before crunching them up.  Now, I’m pretty sure peppermint-eating styles are not hereditary, but it was interesting nonetheless!

We are settling into what is predicted to be a long, cold week.  In this kind of weather, there is something wonderful about burrowing your fingers into a long winter coat to feel the horse’s body heat, or having a horse nuzzle your cold face with his warm breath.   Old Friends is open for tours all year, including during the winter.  We hope you can visit us soon.  In the meantime, thanks for spending this Sunday with Old Friends.




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3 responses to “Sunday January 3, 2010

  1. Laura

    Thank you so much for the personality details on Gulch, I do love him so! Any photos (even muddy ones!) will be greatly appreciated, thank you.

  2. Susan

    Thanks for the update on my horse Tour of the Cat I’m sure he’s a bit chilly but am glad to hear he has a new friend to nuzzle up to….Happy New Year Catmon you’re in my thoughts always …

  3. Brianna Q

    Oh how I miss Old Friends. I haven’t been since April 2009 and there are so many new additions. Love the updates as always!

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