Sunday December 13, 2009


Winter, also known as Mud Season, is upon us.  Instead of writing the blog this week, I thought I’d offer up a photo tour of the farm.  As you can see, mud is everywhere—except on Smokey Stover!

All photos are courtesy of my Pittsburgh friend Carolyn Nicastro.  Thank you, Carolyn!  (Scroll over the photos to see the horses’ names.)




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20 responses to “Sunday December 13, 2009

  1. Dee Ramirez

    It’s Clever Allemont’s 1 year save date- you should have said something about this- he could be a “poster boy” for anti slaughter – but no- he does not even get a “bio”- he could be a star for OF- guess he’s just not “up there” enough for all of you !
    Well he’s still very, very loved here in Kansas !

    • oldfriendsblog

      Yes, it is Clever’s one year anniversary at Old Friends and no, we haven’t forgotten. However, I was not at the farm this weekend–hence the new photo blog entry as opposed to a written entry.
      As far as not having a bio, most of our horses do not have one posted at this time and many of their fans are patiently waiting for info on their favorites. Our website is undergoing significant renovation and updating. That process takes time, but once complete the website will be very cool, and there will be plenty of info to make everyone happy. -Val

    • MRO

      I’ve been thinking about Clever. The anniversary has not been forgotten.

  2. Jean in VA.

    Thanks for sharing the great pictures. Could never get enough of looking at the beauties.

  3. Gae

    Lovely photos. Thanks for posting!

  4. Elizabeth

    Wonderful photos of wonderful horses…Thanks so much for sharing them. Really enjoyed them!

  5. Hello, I’m Clever Allemont’s Kansas foster mom. As everyone knows, Dec. 13 was the one year anniversary of his rescue from slaughter. However, Dec. 14 is another date special for it is then that we met Clever for the first time. We own very fine QH horses, a statement which is pertinent only in relationship to my next statement. Clever Allemont is the most outstanding gentleman of a horse I have ever met. He is the embodiment of all the attributes combined which make the equine species one we adore and respect to the highest level. I always think back on him with a sort of melancholy because I know we would never have let him go had he been going anywhere but Old Friends. I felt a loss after he left. My heart and intellect were feuding a bit with each other for this is what I knew and still know to be absolutely true–without Old Friends, Clever Allemont would not have a place among Thoroughbred champions…which is his birthright! Because of where he was going, we were able to bid him farewell with a tear but mostly a smile. He is where his birthright dictates…he is among “old friends.” Michael Blowen and staff, on the anniversary of the rescue of this grand horse, thank you for accepting him without hesitation or reserve. In a way he rescued us…he has brightened so many human souls and caused so many spirits to soar. He proved that there can be triumph after pain. Very sincerely, Jeanne Mason

  6. Sally

    Loved all the pics – thanks for posting them.

    Happy Anniversary Clever!!!!


  7. ruthann vandenBurg

    I must reply to Dee Ramirez. Clever is loved and cared for just like every other horse on this farm. Athough each person has a horse they have bonded with, there are no favorites here or ones that are “up there” or not ‘up there”. Every horse has a story of how he or she got here. I personally know that all tours stop at Clever’s paddock and learn his story. He gets lots of carrots every day. There are other horses on this farm that have been rescued from slaughter, if Clever were the postor boy the others would seem slighted. The poster for rescue, retirement and anti-slaughter is the farm itself and what it is accomplishing toward that goal. I don’t think we mark the anniversary of any of the horses here, we would not have time to feed and take care of them, this is the most important thing we do.

  8. We have a five(5) year old OTTB gelding by Shadow Caster…he’s been a joy to retrain the past 8 months.

    We’d love to see a picture of Shadow Caster when you have a chance.

    • oldfriendsblog

      How very cool that you have a son of Shadow! I will work on getting a photo posted sometime after the holidays, although as you may know my photo abilities are suspect at best! Maybe Carolyn will get back here soon and help me out! Thanks for letting us know you have him–what is his name?

      • His name is “Little Big Red” (argh). Our website of our adventure is I haven’t updated it in a few weeks as the updates would mostly be the same…muddy, groomed LBR, fed treats.

        • oldfriendsblog

          I checked out your website–LBR is beautiful! He is going to be a wonderful riding horse. I think maybe his daddy is somewhat shorter and stockier, but the color is much the same. Thanks for sharing!

      • Carolyn

        I would love to come back for a visit! I enjoyed my most recent trip so much. I will try to make it out in the spring and we will have a Shadow photo shoot! 🙂

  9. Mary

    For Dee Ramirez: Do not feel like Clever Allemont has been “forgotten” or disrespected in some way. All the “old friends” are loved and spoiled (yes, you all know it’s true would you give your kids all the candy they wanted?) in equal measure, tho’ in sometimes different times as far as special mention. I can tell you care for Clever Allemont; rest happy that he is able to rest happy. If you get a chance to visit Old Friends you will find what I say to be true and they will let you stay at his paddock/stall as long as you want and give him all the carrots that are good for him (don’t know if there actually is a limit, if there is it is awfully high).

    • oldfriendsblog

      I suppose there could be a carrot limit, athough I have yet to find it! Truthfully, carrots won’t hurt the horses, so although we’d limit other treats like mints and sweets, the orange stuff is ok!

      • Mary

        I know too much of anything, if a horse isn’t used to it. can cause problems. From what I’ve seen at Old Friends everybody is very used to lots of carrots. In fact, if you have a chance give one to Black Tie Affair for me, he’s my personal favorite. Thanks for all you do.

  10. You can click on our name to take you to our website for Shadow’s son too.

  11. Lexie C

    Thank you for taking the time to post all these beautiful photos and thanks for all you ALL do for these wonderful horses. They all look so happy and content in their forever home with Old Friends. Give Commentator an extra hug for me. He’s one of my very faves!

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