Thursday November 26, 2009

(Note:  Since today is Thanksgiving, The Wicked North offered to write this week’s blog.  I took him up on his offer. He’s a very talented horse….thanks Norty.  –Val)

Hello.  The Wicked North here.  I gave Val the week off from writing the blog, and I thought maybe you’d like to hear some thoughts “straight from the horse’s mouth,” so to speak!!    You’d probably be amazed at how talkative some of us are, when we are just hanging out chatting amongst ourselves.  I asked my pals to tell me what they are thankful for, and here are some of their answers.

Fortunate Prospect   “I’m just happy to still be here. I mean, I am 28 years old, soon to be 29.  What?   I’m old, what did you think I’d say?”

Jade Hunter   “Don’t let the old man kid you.  He loves carrots!  Me?  I guess I am thankful that people want to come visit me.  I mean, who knew an old racehorse could get this much attention?”

Danthebluegrassman “I’m just glad I don’t have to work anymore.  I shudder to think that I might have been ridden every day at that Jockey School. Thank goodness I perfected the limp.”

Clever Allemont  “Thankful?  Let me start a list.  Kristin.  Jeanne.  Ray.  Kelly.  All the Friends of Barbaro.  The list is nearly endless. “

Wallenda   “I am thankful for Dr. Fraley.  He takes care of my bad foot.  Man, he’s a seriously cool dude.”

EscapedfromNewYork   “I am thankful for whoever reported the bad conditions at my old home.  Until I got to Old Friends I didn’t know what life should be like.”

Swan’s Way   “I am still thankful for the Boston Red Sox winning the Series a few years ago. Hey, we BoSox fans have to savor our victories for a long time!”

EscapedfromNewYork   “Go Yankees!”

Bull inthe Heather   “I am thankful for whoever invented my special shoes.  I can run around nearly as fast as Commentator.  Well, I think I’m nearly as fast.”

Commentator   “What’s he talking about?  He can’t outrun me.  I smoke these old geezers!   Got any mints?  By the way, love, love, love it here.  Do you have any idea how many people feed you treats? And you don’t have to actually race—just run around some and they oooh and ahhh.  Amazing.”

Black Tie Affair   “I’m thankful for every day I have.”

Klassy Briefcase   “Janet loves me.  I am grateful for that. I love her, too.”

Williamstown    “I deserve this life.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled and thankful Michael took me in, but still, I deserve this.   Now leave me alone.”

Smokey Stover    “I’m thankful I came to Old Friends.  Greeting people is my new career and I am going to be really, really good at it.”

Du Pars   “What he said!  Is that cellophane I hear?”

Awad   “I am thankful that I look so mahhvelous.  Don’t you think I look great–really, really great?  And who is that red-haired kid who thinks he is so special?  Kiri, do you know who he is?”

Kiri’s Clown  “I think his name is Tator.  What kind of name is that?  By the way, I’m thankful for anyone who will scratch my back.  I can never get that spot right behind my withers. “

Sunshine Forever   “Glad I came back home to Kentucky from Japan.  I am the greatest horse who ever lived, you know.  Michael tells me that all the time.”

Popcorn Deelites   “I’m just thankful the movie people found me and recognized my inherent acting talent.  So many actors never get a big break in this business.  Now does anyone know what happened to my residuals?  Do I need an attorney?”

Special Ring   “Mostly I am thankful that Awad is next door—he’s such an easy target and I can get him so wound up.  It’s too much fun!”

Bonnie’s Poker   “No more babies. Thank god!”

Glitterman   “I love it here, don’t get me wrong. But I am mostly thankful that darn Makor’s Mark horse got moved to another paddock.  He just plain irritated me.”

Creator   “Pears. Pears are good. Carrots.  Grain. Mints and horse treats. Stop trying to pat me. And I don’t do kisses.”

Benburb    “Naps in the sunshine.  Those are my favorite.”

Silver Charm   “Oh, where to begin?  I am thankful that Michael brought me here, of course.  I adore Diane, and I love all the people who come to visit me.  I kind of like that silver horse that lives in the stall next to my paddock.  We talk, a lot.  I am thankful my photo is hanging in the jock’s room at Keeneland.  It was a lifetime goal for me, you know?  But mostly, I guess I speak for all the horses here at Old Friends when I say that we are thankful for all the love from you, our fans and visitors.  We wouldn’t be here without you and your incredible support; it means everything to us.  Please visit us—we’d love to show you around and introduce you to our staff and volunteers.   We are so proud of our farm and the work we are doing to raise awareness about finding homes for all retired racehorses.   I promise kisses for everyone when you visit. “

Well, there you have it.  Val will be back blogging next week. In the meantime, thanks for spending this Thanksgiving with Old Friends.  We can’t wait until you visit us!

-The Wicked North



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9 responses to “Thursday November 26, 2009

  1. Ruth Ann

    A Very Happy Thanksgiving, Wicked North (and Val too! 🙂 ) Just loved everyone’s “thankful for” comments. All you guys & gals most certainly have very much to be thankful for. You are living out your lives with very caring & loving people at Old Friends! And the one person you can ALL be thankful for is Michael Blowen for giving you that kind of home, safe from harm!
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone to you & yours!

  2. Genius. Wonderful. Endearing. Thank YOU.

  3. Love TWN’s blog…and all the comments. On Thanksgiving week, Bea and I are grateful beyond measure for each and every horse at Old Friends…and of course, for the wonderful human friends at OF who care for them and about them…On a personal note, I am so thankful for the time Appy had at Old Friends – his retirement was far too short but I know he was surrounded by kindness and love. Michael opened the door to him and that, I will never forget. Lastly, I am thankful you were able to give him attention during his time in the big barn. I miss him terribly but I thank the Lord for his 12 years of life and the friendship we had. Thank you, Val.

  4. MRO

    Great post of true, heartfelt comments from the horses. Typical Williamstown!

  5. Judy Stock

    Thanks to Norty for taking the time out of his busy schedule to interview the troops. It must have been a real chore!

    Second Will’s thoughts on the Sox, and “boo” to Escaped, but with love. AND finally, it’s good to know that Creator is as grumpy as ever; when he gets all-over smarmy and lovey I’m gonna worry.

    Hope all Old Friends, in Kentucky and elsewhere, had a safe and happy turkey day and that winter treats everyone kindly.

    Thanks, Val…you’re a real star.

  6. Jean in VA.

    Thanks Norty for the great blog this week.
    I loved hearing what everyone is thankful for.
    One of the things that I am thankful for is that all of you have a home with such loving caring people. Michael is a very special person. Would love to meet him and all of you someday when my wish to visit Old Friends comes true.
    Eat lots of treats and give lots of kisses.
    Hope Val had a good Thanksgiving and look forward to hearing from her next week.

  7. Sally

    Well I’m thankful that you all are there being happy horses!!


  8. Thanks, that was excellent!!! Commentator, look at my website. you’re on there.

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