Sunday November 8, 2009

Today might have been the perfect weather for horses—70 degrees, sunny, a nice, fresh breeze.  It wasn’t too shabby for people either!  The grass is still green and the ground is dry but not hard.   It was a slow visitor day, only two tours, but there was a lot of action to see.   This morning some people adjacent the farm were flying a kite.  All the horses in that area were absolutely fascinated.  Creator just stood and watched (sensible!) but Flick, Dan, Pops and Ring thought it was a good reason to snort and run around.  At one point or another today a lot of the horses were running and bucking, including Swannie, Escaped, Will’s Way, Clever and Awad.  Commentator really put on a show this afternoon– running, bucking and rearing up repeatedly.  He is a serious show-off. 

This morning we started out with a walk behind the office to see Proper Reality, Regal Sanction, Commentator, and Bull.  Bull looks really good this fall.  His coat is almost pure white, and his mane and tail are a silver-gray.  He loves his treats as much as ever and he actually waited fairly patiently when we turned to focus on Tator.  Although patient for Bull still means banging on the fence and tossing his head, at least he didn’t try to bite anyone! 

We continued the morning tour with a walk straight back behind the barn. Along the way we met up with Clever, Ogygian, Gramps and Jade Hunter.  Clever’s gal pal Klassy has moved to the new farm and I’m not sure how he feels about it.  He seemed happy enough, munching carrots and having his face rubbed, but I notice he wasn’t hanging out at the far end of his paddock.  Since Black Tie Affair was in the small pen instead of Klassy, you can’t really blame him! 

Speaking of Klassy, she has a nice big field all to herself over at the new farm.  Eventually she’ll have a friend I would imagine, but for now I think she really loves her space.  No mean mares to pick on her, lots of grass and plenty of space to wander.  When I saw her this morning she was peacefully napping in the sunshine.

Horses continue to move into the new farm’s paddocks.  Among them is a horse just off the racetrack, by the name of Du Pars.  I would imagine he’ll find himself with a barn name but for now he is just Du Pars. He is on stall rest for an injured ankle, so I took him out for some hand grazing today.  He could not stop looking at everything.  He’d absolutely stuff his mouth full of grass and then pick up his head, prick his ears and look all around while he chewed.  Cars on the road?  He watched them for as long as he could see them.  Helicopter fly-by?  He stared right up in the air at it.  Birds?  Fascinating.   He pretty much ignored the other horses, though.   Apparently he’s seen plenty of horses; it was the other stuff that enthralled him.  Oh, and mints.  Once he figured out I had mints, he kept rubbing against me looking for more.   I was his new best friend!  Du Pars is a dark brown horse with four white feet.  He is a very handsome boy and I really liked him.

Among our visitors this afternoon were a nice couple from the Saratoga area. They were big racing fans who remembered Kiri, Awad, Will’s Way and all of our older horses who raced so successfully at Saratoga.  I always enjoy introducing people to horses they actually saw race.  Kiri especially enjoys having his fans scratch his back, and Awad manages to look especially fabulous when someone remembers him.  It’s like he knows he has a fan admiring him.

Will’s run-in shed was being repaired today and while he did come over for treats, most of his afternoon was spent supervising the repairs.  He just stood near the activity, keeping an eye out to make sure everything was done to his satisfaction.   The other new horse we got this week is in a paddock across from Sunshine.  His name is W. C. Jones. He is a big bay gelding and he followed along with the tour group like an old professional treat hound!

I can’t blog today without mentioning Zenyatta.  Congratulations to her and her connections on her Breeder’s Cup Classic win yesterday.  She is just awesome.

Also, today is my parents’ wedding anniversary; Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Fall is such a great time to visit the farm, and we hope you can visit us soon.  In the meantime, thanks for spending this Sunday with Old Friends!



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  1. I hope that Lava Man finaly gets to Old Friends for his much delayed retirement.
    I was sorry they felt they needed to put him back in training.

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