Sunday October 18, 2009

After a long week of rain and cold weather, today was a beautiful, if still somewhat cool day in Kentucky.   I took the day off from tour guiding duties to spend the day ay Keeneland.  The highlight?  A maternal grandson of Kiri’s Clown named Get Stormy won the Grade IIIT Bryan Station Stakes.  There was lots of cheering going on, both during and after that one. 

I did get to meet Smokey Stover earlier this week, and he is just beautiful.  He is very tall, in fact he may officially be the tallest Old Friends resident.  I think he is registered as dark bay or brown, but for all intents and purposes he is black, with white legs and a white face.  Very handsome.  On Friday evening I stopped by the farm and he was out in a paddock with Benburb. The two of them, white Ben and black Smokey, were running and showing off like a couple of, well, racehorses! 

Friday was a very brisk evening and everyone seemed to feel great–Dan and Flick, Creator, Awad, even Wallenda had to show off.  Of course, I cringe every time I see Wallenda buck or kick , since he has that weak back ankle.  But he manages himself nicely–he arches his neck, plants his feet and half rears, but never twists on that bad foot.  I have to say, he looked pretty gorgeous.  I might be biased, though.

I am keeping the entry short today, since I plan to post again on Tuesday or Wednesday–after Jockey Palooza on Tuesday evening.  If you didn’t know, Old Friends is hosting a gathering of jockeys this week for autographs, photos and general fun.  If you are nearby, please join us.  Details are on the website’s main page.

In the meantime, thanks for spending this short Sunday with Old Friends.  I’ll be back later this week, and back on tour duty next Sunday.  We hope you will visit us soon!



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