Sunday September 20, 2009

danandflickdan flick in the muddan & flick runninggrampsjade hunter

Today was a rainy, wet day in Kentucky.  It poured consistently all morning, along with thunder and lightning.  As a result, we had no tours this morning.   The rain tapered off some by lunchtime but still, only two folks braved a rain-abbreviated 1 pm, so I wandered around in between the rain showers by myself.   Because it was wet and cool, the horses were pretty active.  I looked up at one point this morning and along the top of the hill at the back of the farm, I could see all the horses running. 

Someone asked me last week if I take “poetic license” with some of the stories I tell about the Old Friends horses, because he never sees them run, buck or play.  I assured him that everything I write is true, but I don’t think he believed me.  I start with this because today so many of the horses were running and playing I thought I should try to get some pictures.  Since I never carry my camera, out came my Blackberry.   What a wasted effort, as you’ll see!   Dan and Flick, being the hams that they are, saw me aim my camera and put on their show.  They reared, they ran, they bucked and kicked.  I took 10 or 12 shots, but you know, cell phones are not ideal action cameras and I mostly got pictures of their butts!   They finally gave up on me and both of them dropped in the mud for a roll at the same time.  So here are Dan and Flick, playing, running and rolling. Really, they were!  

Fortunate Prospect was waiting by his gate watching all the hoopla with Dan and Flick.  I noticed that he seemed kind of annoyed, and after hanging out with him for a few minutes, I realized he had the hiccups! Eventually he wandered off to graze and that seemed to take care of them.  Kent checked him out to make sure he was ok, and he was. 

During the day, Jade Hunter is in the paddock directly across from Gramps and Kent told me that the two old stallions aren’t all that fond of one another.  On the other hand, once Jade Hunter goes inside for the night, Benburb goes into that paddock, and Gramps won’t eat his dinner until Ben is settled in across from him and eating, too!  Isn’t it funny how horses choose their buddies?  Here is Gramps, during his bout with the hiccups, and a muddy, fly-masked Jade Hunter, wondering why I don’t have carrots for him. 

If you have ever been to Old Friends, you know that the big barn, which houses Black Tie Affair, Appy, Wallenda and Ben, has stalls with windows that open to the back.  I was walking along the outside of the barn today talking to Silver Charm, and I heard a racket coming from the far end of the barn.  I couldn’t imagine what it was, so I walked back to investigate.  It was Wallenda, stretched out flat on his side…snoring! 

Since it was raining again and my rain jacket was failing me, I decided Wallenda had the right idea—a nap seemed like a fabulous idea!  So, I wrapped up my short, wet day and headed for home.  Thanks for stopping by for another Sunday with Old Friends.  We hope you can visit us soon!




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5 responses to “Sunday September 20, 2009

  1. Ruth Ann

    Just love reading your updates every Sunday night, Val! The pictures came out great! Unfortunately it looks like you had a couple of very muddy horses, love that picture! 🙂 I never knew horses could get the hiccups, hopefully they stopped and Gramps is feeling ok! I love the description of Wallenda sleeping, I can almost hear his snoring! LOL!!!
    Thanks again for another great blog tonight! 🙂

  2. Jean in VA.

    Thanks again Val. Look forward to your update every week and I just loved the pictures. Give everyone a big HUG for me.
    I turned 60 last week and hope that someday I can visit Old Friends. It has the number 1 spot on my want to do list.
    Barbaro brought me into the world of the thoroughbred and horses in general. I only wish I would have had an interest earlier. Always thought they were beautiful, but now there is a whole new appreciation for them.

  3. Colmel

    I just read that Lava Man is back in TRAINING!!! Can they be serious? I’m so shocked and annoyed. Hasn’t he earned his retirement at OF? Sorry, this is just WRONG. I’m thrilled that his ankles responded well, but to put him back on the track – at age 8????

  4. Juli

    I absolutely love this blog, especially now that Regal Sanction is there. He used to stand at the farm I work and he was a favorite of mine such a sweet stallion. He did put on a tough guy act but was really just a kitten. 😛

    Would love to hear some more about him and if you ever have a chance to get some pictures I would love to see them!

  5. Pat

    Thank you Val for the great stories. Alot of these wonderful animals i seen race on the T.V. To see pictures of them looking so good and read the stories make me realize more how fortunate i am for them to still be a part of my life. I started out as a young girl listening to the grey ghost race on radio. Still listening and watching them. Thank you so much Old Friends for giving so much of your selves to these wonderful animals Pat

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