Sunday August 30, 2009

Black Tie AffairI just cannot believe we are at the end of August.  Even though we are usually still well into the 80s or even low 90s in late August, this year summer seems to be rapidly turning into fall.  Today was sunny but temperatures were only in the low 70’s, distinctly not summer-like!

The horses just love this weather.  Dan and Flick were acting like stallions, rearing up in a “pretend” fight.  Of course, they did this just as a large group of people headed their way.  No point in showing off if no one is there to appreciate it!  Actually, I thought Dan was a little cranky today.  He didn’t want Flick to have any treats, and a couple of times we apparently weren’t paying enough attention to him, because he was a little demanding. 

Since it was so cool this morning, and I had a small tour of three people, we made the long trek to the back 40. It’s a nice, albeit hilly, walk—stallions on both sides going up the hill, mares and geldings in back.  Mighty Mecke and Wallace Station came right over, as did Judge’s Case and Mark of Success.  Hidden Lake was the only mare who gave a hoot about us, but then she is a very friendly girl who loves attention.  The only other gelding who came over was Siphonizer—he patiently waited for us until we made our way over to him.  Then he chomped as many carrots as he could fit in his mouth!   But Bonapaw, Kudos, Bonnie, Personalized—none of them gave us so much as a second glance.  The stallions are another story, as every one of them came to see us; both on the walk up and on the way back down.  Glitterman was glaring at Makor’s Mark.  Apparently he doesn’t much like him–talk about the evil eye!  And seeing as Glitterman isn’t exactly large and intimidating, he copped a lot of attitude for a little guy.  Williamstown was waiting for us as we got to his paddock, and Polish Navy wandered right over for his attention. I actually think Polish Navy enjoys the pats as much as the treats. Well, maybe not as much, but it is pretty close.

In the interest of fairness, this afternoon we covered the other half of the farm.  As you know, Black Tie Affair has melanoma and mainly spends his days in the barn out of the hottest sun.   He comes right to his stall door now with a nicker and pricked ears, waiting for his carrots.  One lady, who is a huge racing fan, tried and tried for a reasonably good photo of him, but I’m not sure she ever got one.  Black Tie is really good at posing, until the split second before the camera shutter clicks. Then his closes his eyes, lops his ears, sticks out his tongue–anything to frustrate the photographer.  It was kind of funny, but then I wasn’t the one with the camera.  Sigh.  Another one has wormed his way into my heart.   

The lady who is the big racing fan is from Pittsburgh, and I don’t think she expected to see some of the horses she saw today.  First, she noticed Norty’s paddock sign and asked if that was really The Wicked North.   Then, she realized Jade Hunter was here, and shortly after that was excited to see Kiri’s Clown.  I think I have said before how competitive some of the stallions can be.  For example, Bull doesn’t like to be ignored in favor of Norty, and as I said earlier, Glitterman doesn’t seem to have much use for Makor’s Mark.  But maybe the two most competitive are Kiri and Awad.  Kiri is much cooler about it—if he doesn’t get what he considers his fair share, he just walks away.  But Awad gets downright agitated.  So today Kiri has his fan fussing over him, and that just irritates Awad beyond all measure.  He huffs and puffs and sputters and preens like you can’t imagine.   Finally one of the guys on the tour had pity on Awad and fussed over him, too.  It wasn’t quite the same as Awad having all the attention to himself, but it was enough to settle him down.  By the end of the tour, several of the people commented about what great personalities the horses have. You have to figure Awad is on top of that list tonight.   

EscapedfromNewYork made a few friends today as well.  His story certainly tugs at people’s hearts, and I suspect Escaped totally gets this.  You know he was rescued from that big Thoroughbred farm in New York where they found so many starving and neglected horses.  Somehow, he manages to look sad and pathetic just as I am telling people about him.  Considering he is now well on his way to chubby and in no way looks like a rescue horse, this is Oscar-worthy acting on his part.  But sometimes I see people wipe away a tear while they pat him.  And it isn’t just the story—it’s that look he manages to give everyone.  I’m telling you, the horse is good!

Another week has wound down at Old Friends.   We hope you can visit us sometime soon.  In the meantime, thanks for spending this Sunday with Old Friends!



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9 responses to “Sunday August 30, 2009

  1. Jean

    Thanks Val for another day of making me feel like I was visiting Old Friends in person.
    Did a son of Will’s Way named Bean win a race recently? I think that’s what I read, but could be
    Please give everyone a big hug and a carrot of me.
    Thanks again –

    • MRO

      Jean –

      There is a son of Will’s Way by that name. You can look him up on A lot of the OF horses still have sons & daughters on the race track.

      • oldfriendsblog

        yep, in fact Kiri’s Clown also had a winner last week. And both Fortunate Prospect (#59) and Black Tie Affair (#52) are currently on the leading broodmare sire list….

  2. Colmel

    Just thought I’d add a note about Black Tie Affair. We were very good friends with Buck Stoops at Vinery (God rest him) when they purchased BTA. I remember when BTA was first at Vinery. Even then he was good at looking spectacular for a photo until the split second before the shutter clicked. Somewhere, I have a pile of photos with lop-earred BTA, eye-closed BTA, head-shaking BTA…
    It’s great to know that he’s at Old Friends and I hope to come visit another of MY old friends soon.

    • oldfriendsblog

      ha! BTA hasn’t changed! How funny. For any and all of his fans, if you are wanting to come see him, you should do so. He is a cool horse and doing fine, but he does have those pesky health issues….

  3. Carolyn

    Hello! I’m the lady from Pittsburgh who you mention in your blog. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed my visit to your farm. I only wish I could have spent more time. I can’t even describe what it meant to see my horse heroes in person. It’s almost 2 months later and I still smile when I think about that beautiful and perfect day.

    And by the way, I did get a decent picture of Black Tie Affair. Thank you so much for helping me with that! 🙂

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