Sunday June 21, 2009

After a quick trip north, we’re back in Kentucky. I didn’t get to the farm this week,  so we have a different kind of blog posting today. If you move your mouse cursor over each photo you should see names.   Thanks to Rick Capone for the photos, and to Tim Ford, who took over tour duty for me today.  (If you can’t get enough of Rick’s photos, he has a nifty book available through the Old Friends gift shop.  Rick has kindly donated all proceeds from the book to Old Friends.)




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4 responses to “Sunday June 21, 2009

  1. I must have missed his book. I got the “Skipingo Home” book to donate to my local library and the one called “More Old Friends”. I don’t see my previous post that I submitted but to say the very least, coming there to see all” the guys” on Saturday sure did lift my spirits and I will definitely have to get Rick’s book as well. I love all the pictures. The calendars are great and filled with such beautiful pictures.

    We picked Clever Allemont as our first horse to sponsor. I am sure at some point I will sponsor them all. Even though Clever Allemont would not come over to get a carrot and we were told that he was deaf and blind in one eye, we were still shocked at how proud he acted and dignified he carried himself for such an old horse that had been through so much. He acts as if he is still a champion and to us he most certainly is. He was truly amazing and touched our hearts in a special way. Please give him a carrot for me.

  2. Pat

    Thanks for taking the time after your trip to post the pictures – I need that Old Friends fix to face the week ahead!

  3. Christine

    Outstanding! Thanks so much.

  4. MRO

    Great addition to the blog! It’s nice to see some of the horses that don’t get as much press. Of course, I love seeing Williamstown, but I also love Judge’s Case, Clever Allemont, Wallace Station, and the girls.

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