Sunday May 31, 2009

Another fine Sunday in Kentucky.  You know the kind of day– warm, sunny, blue skies–the kind of day that just begs you to be outdoors.   Sadly, I’ve spent it at home nursing one of those annoying summertime colds.  I apologize for not getting to the farm this weekend, and thus for not having an updated blog entry today.  I will be back next weekend with a full report.  Thanks for your patience!




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9 responses to “Sunday May 31, 2009

  1. Tom

    Hope you’re feeling better Val!

  2. Jean

    Sorry to hear that you’re not feeling well. Hope you’ll feel better real soon.

  3. Viv

    Feel better, Val!

  4. Elizabeth

    Sorry you’re under the weather Val. Get well soon!

  5. Ruth Ann

    Take care of yourself, Val, and get well real soon!! Those Springtime colds sneak up on you and are hard to get rid of…………feel better!!

  6. Brianna Quinn

    feel better soon!!!

  7. MRO

    I’m sure the horses missed you!

  8. Tracy

    just saw you story on TV very heart breaking but youguys are a ray of hope

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