Sunday April 5, 2009, Part Two

The Weekend Part Two

(This is Part Two of this week’s blog–Part One is posted below)

Friday dawned rather cold, windy and raw.  But it was opening day of the Keeneland Spring Meet and it didn’t snow, so I guess that means it was a good day!  (Two years ago I remember watching a race on opening day and being unable to see the horses due to the swirling snow.)  However, yesterday was another story.  It was beautiful–65 degrees and sunny.  It was the first big Saturday stakes racing day of the meet, featuring the Grade 1 Ashland Stakes for three-year-old fillies.  Greg, Ruthann, Mercer, Janet and Kent (that would be the Old Friends’ Kent, not the jockey Kent. Too many Kents!) and I all went to the races.  It was crowded—turned out it was the fifth-largest attendance ever at Keeneland.  And let me tell you, I think I bumped into every one of the over 30,000 people there!  Finally, I decided my best option was just to stay in my seat.  But it was a fine day to be at the races and we had a great time.  In fact, Old Friends karma was working for the jockey Kent Desormeaux, who rode four winners on the day.  Good for him!

Today was another nice day to be outdoors so I was happy to visit the farm.  We had a nice group of folks this morning, including some real racing fans who knew their stuff.   The morning tour also included a little girl named Seneca who just wanted to pat a horse.  Once she fed Wallace Station and patted his nose, she was pretty much ready to go home!  She kept asking me if the next horse was a “biting horse” or if she could pat him.  Swannie, Sunshine and Norty all accommodated her wish to pat horses.

After the morning tour, Mercer kindly took the 1 o’clock tour for me.  I left the farm for a bit, and then spent some time visiting horses.  For the Clever Allemont fans out there, I have to say he looks fabulous.  He has put on enough weight that he even looks a little chubby.  More noticeably, he is shedding his long, raggedy winter coat to revel shiny, cocoa brown…dapples!  It’s amazing to see how terrific he looks.  The other horse who is really blossoming is Flick.  He was a little underweight and ribby when he arrived.  He is still slender and lanky, but he has filled out some.  He is also shedding out to reveal his rich, beautiful bay coat.  Dan and he have become inseparable, which is nice for them both.

I think today reached a new scale of nice, because even the horse who hardly ever lays down for a nap decided it was time.  When you see Bull inthe Heather stretched out, you know its irresistible napping weather.  Fortunate Prospect also took his daily constitutional.  By the way, Fortunate Prospect’s grandson Musket Man won the Illinois Derby yesterday and looks to be headed to Kentucky for the first Saturday in May.  We’ll be cheering him on!

And wonder of all wonders, Creator allowed someone to get a quick pat on his nose today.  Of course, when the man went back for seconds, enough was enough.  Out came the teeth.  Still, it was more a threat than an actual attempt.  You know, if Creator is mellowing, what could possibly be next?   Maybe Musket Man will win the Derby….

That’s about all from here.  Homecoming in May and then we are into summer.  We hope you can visit us soon.  In the meantime, thanks for spending this weekend with Old Friends!




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6 responses to “Sunday April 5, 2009, Part Two

  1. Jean

    Val – Thank you, thank you for the updates.
    I just love to read them and look forward to them every week. I would love to do what you get to do on a daily basis.
    Thanks again for making my day.

  2. Brianna

    Love these updates, especially 2 this week! 🙂

    I’m rooting for Musket Man too. I live near Tampa and saw him in the Sam Davis and TB Derby, he is one handsome colt!

  3. Christine

    I am new to this blog and thoroughly enjoying it (reading a bit out-of-order)!

    Val, I love your writing style and look forward to going back through the archives.

    Brianna, I too live in the Tampa area (5 miles from Tampa Bay Downs) and watched those same races! I worked last year as a hotwalker for Joan Scott. You and I have probably seen each other and not even known it! 🙂

  4. Brianna

    How neat! We probably have! :o) I stand along the rail and take pictures for the most part. I’ve been to many Saturday race days (because of work and school Sat. is all I get) over the years I’ve lived here especially when my fav FLA horse Imawildandcrazyguy comes over 🙂

    Oh yes I am visiting OF in April! I came up in January (the day the palomino filly was selling at Keeneland) and it was so cold and windy we took the car up the hill to see those horses LOL! 🙂

  5. Christine

    Thank you, Val. I plan to visit Memorial Day weekend and I can’t wait!

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