Sunday March 29, 2009

I think the gods are punishing me today.  I bragged on the spring weather last week and so, I must pay.  Thirty-seven degrees, blustery, rain and sleet—just a fabulous day to walk around a farm!   The horse either stood tail to the wind and ignored us, or huddled in their run-in sheds and ignored us. There were a few exceptions:  Swannie alternated between running around and eating hay.   Clever Allemont apparently is not bothered by nasty weather; he was happy to wander over for a few treats.  And as always, Pops and Ring refused to use their run-in shed.  They came at a run from the middle of their pasture, where they were grazing and roughhousing.   

We had a number of visitors but no one really wanted to stay outdoors very long, so the barn horses had it made today.  Wallenda got more than his share of treats and The Wicked North probably munched enough carrots to turn himself orange.  (Oh wait; he’s already an orange-colored horse….)   Mighty Mecke, being as his paddock is right next to the barn, did just fine today as well.  Dan and Flick spent the entire day in their run-in shed, only venturing out at about 2:30–long enough to grab a mouthful of treats.  They immediately headed right back into their shed.  Even Silver Charm didn’t seem all that enthused about moving around, although it didn’t really stop him from working the crowd. 

We had people from Chicago, Indianapolis, and Ohio, among others.  This morning a set of triplets, maybe 2 ½ or 3 years old, came with their parents and grandparents.  I was sorry the weather kept us from a full tour as the kids were great.  Each of them gave Norty a big, smacking kiss on the nose.   And to the young lady this afternoon who was wearing those capri jeans—are you warm yet???   Because I shiver just thinking about how cold you must have been. (In your defense I know you came from out-of-town, expecting warmer temperatures.)   I hope you and your mom and sister come back, sometime when the weather is more cooperative and the horses aren’t so muddy for your photos.  I know Wallace Station loved the attention you all gave him.

Last week I mentioned that we are anticipating the arrival of some new stallions.  This week we are welcoming two great old horses—Polish Navy and Glitterman.   Both stallions have been pensioned for some time and their owners have asked us to take them.  While we are a rescue organization, it’s the lucky horses like this that help support the not-so-lucky ones—the Williamstowns, the Leave Seattles, and the Clever Allemonts.   It takes volunteers, supporters, owners, fans, friends, and horses to support Old Friends!

Back to Polish Navy: he is a 25-year-old son of the great Danzig, and a great-grandson of War Admiral on his dam’s side.  He won the Woodward, Champagne, Jim Dandy, and the Dwyer, and earned over a million bucks along the way.  He is also the sire of 1993 Kentucky Derby winner Sea Hero  Glitterman, a 24-year-old grandson of Bold Ruler, won just under $500,000 and is perhaps best known as the sire of millionaire racehorses Champali and Balto Star.  As soon as the fencing in the new stallion neighborhood is ready, they will join us.    

So now, I have to count.  We have sons of Kentucky Derby winners:  Leave Seattle, Williamstown, Kiri’s Clown, Affirmed Success, and Bull inthe Heather.  We have a dam of a Derby winner in Bonnie’s Poker.  And now, with Polish Navy, we’ll have the sire of a Derby winner.  And I’ve probably missed someone.   Oh yeah, Silver Charm thinks he is the Kentucky Derby winner!

By the way, I get a lot of questions about Lava Man and I saw some recent photos of him today.  He looks great—dappled and shiny– and reports are that the treatments he is receiving are helping his ankles. 

Thursday is our fundraiser at O’Neill’s Irish Pub—the “Bada Bing in the Bluegrass” night.  Thanks to everyone who helped set up that event.  Friday is opening day of the Keeneland spring meet and a sure sign that our tours will get very busy.  The Old Friends annual Homecoming is scheduled for May 3, the day after the Kentucky Derby.  We hope you can visit us soon, and maybe join us for one of our upcoming special events.   In the meantime, thanks for spending this Sunday with Old Friends! 




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7 responses to “Sunday March 29, 2009

  1. Ruth Ann

    Once again, thanks Val for the updates! I just love reading about how all are doing, it’s like being right there walking around with the crowd! 🙂 Wow, you have some famous guys & gals there, I remember Glitterman in his racing days! I’m up here in NJ, but I have vowed to get down there to see all the champions one day!

    • oldfriendsblog

      Ruth Ann,
      Funny you mention remembering Glitterman, as I said almost exactly the same thing today. When we get a horse I remember very well, like Dan or Glitterman or Bonapaw, it’s an extra thrill!
      And speaking of Hidden Lake, Tom, I think she has become a real favorite of Michael’s. He told me when he goes up to groom the mares in their pasture, she lays her head on his shoulder while he brushes the other mares. She is a sweetheart!

  2. Tom

    Hi Val….

    How is Hidden Lake doing? I hope to see her when I come down in a few weeks. Have a great week!

  3. Enjoyed today’s update, as usual. Sorry your nice spring weather has disappeared. That has happened here in PA too.

    I’m afraid I don’t remember Polish Navy & Glitterman racing. I don’t think I was following the sport yet, but I know they’ll have excellent homes there and be very happy!

  4. MRO

    Polish Navy is the one I remember. I didn’t like him during his racing days because his sire Danzig wasn’t a favorite. All of that has changed, and I’m thrilled he has had a long, happy life and will be joining the Old Friends gang.

  5. Brianna

    Awww I love the tidbit about Hidden Lake! As usual great update, awesome about the new stallions! We had a lot of rain here in FL this weekend…and it was much needed but now the sun is out again and soon it will be unbearably hot. I suppose I should be grateful! Anyway, hope Spring sticks around for good in KY soon~!

  6. Jean

    Thanks Val for again taking your time to give the updates that I look so forward to.
    I love to hear about what everyone is doing and would love to be there.

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