Sunday February 22, 2009

Let me start by saying this:  I am so completely ready for spring!  It was just too darn cold today, unless you are a horse with a thick, wooly winter coat.   In that case, you felt good enough to run around a little, maybe toss in a buck here or there and generally act like… a horse!   But really, brrr!

A couple posts ago I think I mentioned that our new gelding, Flick, wasn’t settling in so well.  Any activity on the farm would set him off and it would take him hours to settle down.  We tried putting him in a different paddock, but it didn’t help.  So we stopped trying to figure him out, and instead turned him over to Professor Danthebluegrassman.   Dan and Flick are now sharing a paddock, and what a difference a horse makes!  Dan is so smart, I swear he is teaching Flick how to behave.  Treats? Dan leads Flick right over to see people. Dinner?  Michael told me he watched Dan take Flick over to his grain bucket so Flick would know it was time to eat.  Wound up?  Just be like Dan, all calm and cool.  It is pretty clear that Dan understood what we were asking him to do.  It’s especially amazing considering that Dan never really seemed to want to be in a paddock with another horse.  I suppose Dan was waiting until he was needed.

Despite the cold today, the horses all seem to feel great.  Wallenda was napping when I got to the farm, but he got up and enjoyed having the mud brushed off him.  Clever Allemont broke into a trot and then a canter to come over for treats.  He looks terrific, carrying good weight with a shiny, albeit long and shaggy coat!  Ogygian performed that dressage-horse canter he does—about six full strides without moving more than 20 feet.  It’s one of my favorite things to see.   Creator, Pops and Ring were bucking and playing too.  

But I promised I’d get over to see some of the off-site horses and so today that is what I did.  Riva Way, Bingo and Cappuccino Kid are over at Dr. Byers’ farm, eating their hay and hanging out.  They all look terrific, fat and fuzzy.  Cappy is a glutton for treats-he stuck his head right into the carrot bucket and grabbed as many carrots as he could cram into his mouth. Except for his bay color and the white star on his face he bears little resemblance to his much more famous half-brother, Medaglia d’Oro.  Probably the mud and thick winter coat!  Also residing at Dr. Byers’ farm is Judge’s Case, who didn’t have a lick of winter coat when he arrived.  But he caught up quickly and has turned into a little fuzzy bear.  He is nearly white except for his knees, which are sort of a brownish-black.  Kind of an interesting look, like he has knee pads on.  The other horse at that farm is the mare Klassy Briefcase.  Klassy is a pretty little chestnut with a white face.  She looks like a wise grandmother, which she is, and she isn’t shy about neighing to get your attention.

My other off-site visit today was to Summerwind, where Max and Easy Grades are residing.  Both geldings are really friendly, especially Max who comes over at a trot as soon as you call his name.  Easy is wearing a blanket since he is another one who arrived with a minimal winter coat.  Easy didn’t come as readily, but eventually he worked his way across the paddock for his share of the treats.   

But I have to admit to my real reason for visiting Summerwind, and it isn’t because of the geldings we have there.  No, it’s because I have a serious crush on the three yearling fillies in the paddock across from Max.  A bright chestnut, a roan and a dark brown, they are several levels beyond adorable.  As a group they are friendly and curious, sniffing and nuzzling until they had completely checked us out.  If it wasn’t so cold, I could have stood with them forever.  They are completely impossible to resist and a treat to interact with.

The last Sunday in February, already, and I hope March will usher in some nicer weather–quickly!  Next weekend is the “Old Friends along the Kentucky Bourbon Trail” event at the Seelbach Hotel in Louisville.  Shortly after that we will be gearing up for Lava Man’s arrival; we can’t wait for that day!  Hopefully we’ll see a lot of you over the next few months, either at one of our upcoming events, or just for a visit.  In the meantime, thanks for spending this cold Sunday with Old Friends!




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6 responses to “Sunday February 22, 2009

  1. Gayle

    There is a mention of Clever Allemont and Old Friends in this story:

  2. Ruth Ann

    Thanks once again for your update! I look forward to reading it every Sunday evening. Yes, Spring cannot get here soon enough! I think the only ones it does not bother are the horses, but then again they have those nice warm, wooly coats! 🙂

    So glad that everyone is doing well! Especially glad to hear that Clever Allemont has settled in so well, his is one miracle story! 🙂

  3. MRO

    Welcome Klassy Briefcase! I certainly remember her from the late 1980s.

  4. Jean

    Thanks so much for the updates. I look forward to this every week.
    I am so glad that these retirees have such a great place to live and such great people to love and care for them.
    I would love to visit someday.

  5. Hollywood Miracle

    I am a retired race horse myself but not so well known. My family visited Old Friends last fall and acquired a share of Popcorn Deelites so now I have a step brother. My family keeps me informed and I must admit I look forward to hearing all the news at Old Friends. My family showed me pictures of Popcorn and he’s gorgeous. Too bad he’s a gelding…ha, ha.
    Here is Arizona, the weather is GREAT. A little hot in the summer, but you can’t beat our winter weather. Wish all my “old friends” could visit us here.
    The rumor is, my family may take me to see my new boyfriend, Birdstone, who now stands at Gainesway. Looking forward to that day.
    Keep the news coming and take good care of my old friends.

    • oldfriendsblog

      well Holly, (can we call you Holly?) we are honored that you wrote to us. Your new boyfriend is terrific and if your family comes to Kentucky with you, or any other time, I hope they will stop to see us. And Pops loves having step-sibs–he is always telling Ring that he has other friends out there if Ring isn’t nice to him! Please keep us up-to-date on your life, and maybe share any other “big news” you may have!! I drive past Gainesway all the time, I’ll be sure to wave!


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