January 28 – Winter Storm Update

Tonight, just before dinner, as the wind died down and the snow stopped, Will’s Way galloped across his paddock. It seemed, for a moment, that he was running faster than when he bested Formal Gold and Skip Away in the Whitney. I know alot of the friends of Old Friends are very concerned about the negative effects of the winter storm on our retirees. They all seemed to enjoy it. Except for maybe Awad who spent most of the day in his run-in shed. Janet, Kent, Alberto, Diane and I teamed-up to make sure all their needs were met. It takes a little longer in inclement weather but…and I know this is hard to believe…it’s fun. Like getting a snow day off from school. Clever Allemont, who only goes out during the day, has gained considerable weight since his arrival and he trots around in the snow acting as if he owns the place. In fact, he and his other retirees do…after all, no one’s coming to visit us. It’s the stars they want to see. I just can’t thank everyone enough for your help in helping Old Friends grow…and allowing me to have the exhilarating experience of feeding them horse treats (courtesy of Karen Deibert) every night. I can’t imagine ever being as happy as I am tonight.




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4 responses to “January 28 – Winter Storm Update

  1. Ruth Ann

    So glad to hear that all are getting by with this terrible winter weather we all have been having! Thanks for the update!

  2. I hope everything’s still going okay. And that you guys have power. The national news stories coming out of KY have sounded dire.

    • oldfriendsblog

      Things are settling down in KY. Parts of the state, including parts of the bluegrass region, were hit pretty hard with the ice. But Old Friends didn’t lose power, and other than making all farm chores much more difficult, everything was fine. I know that Janet left Wallenda inside for the night when we had the ice, as he has that weak back ankle and we didn’t want him to slip on it. I will say this–when the sun came out yesterday and today, the iced-over trees and fences look like glass. Stunningly beautiful! I’ll post more tomorrow….but we have new horses to talk about and some other news to share!! (haha, a teaser!) -Val

  3. Mary Williams

    Glad to hear you and the boys and ladies did fine through the weather….Owensboro is a mess, but we are coming back strong….give “Monty” a pat for me!!! I swear in the picture of him on the website, he looks like he is smiling.

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