Sunday January 25, 2009

Times just flies, doesn’t it? It’s the end of January already—amazing.  And it was a typically cold and gray winter day with not too much happening.  I think the horses were kind of bored–no one had much energy.  Even Pops and Ring barely worked up enough ambition to amble over.  Usually you can count on them, and Swannie, to show some spark.  Not today.  Mostly, the horses were just hanging out, munching their hay.  

Dan was probably the most active, walking over to greet me every time I passed by his paddock.   Dan doesn’t even bother to wait for me to feed him carrots.  He just goes right ahead and buries his nose in the bucket, taking what he wants.  The four geldings in the big field were all lined up at their fence hoping for treats, so I walked over and gave everyone a cookie.  Kudos, Bingo, Easy and Invigorate are a nice group—they all appreciate the attention.  You just have to make sure you give each one the same number of handouts, or there is trouble.  Yes, I believe they can count…

Affirmed Success was at the back part of his field, but Futural was happy to come over to say hi.  Siphonizer couldn’t be bothered to take the 5 or 6 steps over to get a treat—he was standing right smack in the middle of the hay pile, happily hogging all the food. 

Stage Colony took his afternoon nap, once again stretched out flat on his side.  He sleeps so soundly that not much wakes him.  Case in point:  today a coyote ran across his field while he was napping.  I don’t think the horse even twitched an ear!  Not to worry though, coyotes are no threat to the horses.  The one today, a little grayish-brown guy, ran across Stage Colony’s paddock, ducked under the fence into Williamstown’s field, crossed into Pops and Ring’s field and ran down over the hill toward Leave Seattle.  While you tend to hear them at night, it’s not that unusual to see one during the day.  I know a lot of people think of coyotes as a nuisance, or worse, but really they are pretty little animals.

I had a couple of ladies on a tour this afternoon and they commented on how well-fed Special Ring is looking.  Of course, they phrased it more politely, calling him “short-coupled.”   Awad was hanging out in his run-in shed.  Don’t think he is enjoying the cold weather; I think he is yearning for spring.  I have to agree.

The biggest news of the week is that we have a new horse.  His name is Flick.  He is a gelded son of Kris, out of a Sadler’s Wells mare, and was bred in Great Britain.  Somewhat ironically, Flick had a connection to Old Friends even before he arrived.  He once won The Wicked North Stakes, a race named after our own Norty.   Flick is a tall, lanky, reddish bay horse and is very friendly, coming right over for treats and attention.  With Norty, Mecke, Clever Allemont and Stage Colony all arriving within the past couple months, we have some fantastically friendly new boys for the springtime tour season.   Although to tell you the truth, Monty is considerably more interested in his food.  That horse just loves to eat.  I’m going to guess that by the end of May he’ll be a little pudgy!   Still, he came over for treats and stuck his nose over the fence for some pats.  Then, he turned around and headed straight back to his hay pile.

As I said, I am looking forward to spring.  We are supposed to have some winter weather this week, but once we get into February it will seem that much closer to springtime.  Tour season will pick up, and we look forward to meeting new friends, as well as having old friends return to see us.   In the meantime, thanks for spending this Sunday with Old Friends!



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One response to “Sunday January 25, 2009

  1. Ruth Ann

    Yes, Spring cannot get here soon enough! I don’t blame all the horses for feeling lethargic, this cold, snow, ice, etc. is certainly wearing on everyone!

    I was reading in a forum that Easy Grades is on his way to Old Friends, was donated by his owner……congratulations! So glad to see owners doing the right thing when it’s time for their horses to retire from racing. You will all certainly be busy there with Lava Man coming and everyone else arriving!

    Thanks for your update, Val, enjoy reading it every week! 🙂

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