Sunday January 18, 2009

It was a wintery day in central Kentucky today, with snow flurries and temperatures in the upper 20s.  Thankfully, the frigid cold of earlier this week has retreated, as did the blustery winds we had yesterday.  It was a slippery mess on Ironworks Pike this morning but by early this afternoon it was kind of nice—brisk and slightly snowy but not uncomfortable.  Great horse weather too, since the mud has firmed up but not frozen really hard.  Lots of action today: trotting, running and general showing off!

Usually, our new residents are boys—stallions or geldings.  But this week we have a new resident and she is responsible for a good part of the action today.  Her name is Hidden Lake and she is a 1997 Eclipse Award winner.   For those of you who, like me, are fascinated by breeding and bloodlines, Hidden Lake is a daughter of Quiet American.  Her broodmare sire is Round Table and you just don’t see Round Table this close in many pedigrees anymore.  Add to that, Quiet American is one of my favorite stallions ever, a real character!  Hidden Lake is a beautiful bay mare who just exudes class.  She settled in with our other mares-Bonnie’s Poker, Narrow Escape, and Cozy Miss- like she has always been here. 

Having a new “hottie” mare on-site has gotten some of the boys all worked up.  Stage Colony hasn’t left his back fence.  He keeps trying, and failing, to get her attention.  Siphonizer is fascinated by her and has been hanging out near the mare pasture as well.   I noticed even Williamstown was standing at the high part of his paddock, trying to catch a glimpse of the new gal.  All three of the boys were happy to get their treats, but still they kept one eye on the ladies.

As the only gray horse on the main farm, Bull inthe Heather stands out in the crowd.  Between the mud and the ice, today he managed to cut his left back coronet just above his hoof.  He didn’t bleed much, but the red against his white leg was noticeable.  Kent cleaned out the cut and used inky blue wound medicine on both of Bull’s back feet.   Now Bull looks like he has bright blue ankle socks on both back feet.   It’s comical looking, but then Bull is a funny guy.  He’s more than willing to take a bite at you if you are walking around with treats.  But today, as soon as the lead was clipped to his halter, he knew it was time for business and he stood perfectly still while his feet were being cared for.   

And speaking of Kent, as you may know he trains racehorses and is a very knowledgeable horseman.  But that doesn’t matter when the horses are still better at training us.  The horses normally get their hay either in a hayrack or on the ground somewhere in their paddocks.  But when he passed out hay today, Kent conveniently put Mighty Mecke’s hay just outside his shed, so that Mecke could stand inside and still reach his munchies.  Now, tell me, who is in charge there?  I’m pretty sure it’s the horse! 

As always, I brought dogs Jake and Marley with me to the farm today.   Jake prefers the colder weather and he lopes around, but really doesn’t pay much attention to the horses.   Marley, on the other hand, is very curious and often ends up nose to nose with the horses.  Creator and Dan always come right over to check her out.  And for some reason, both Williamstown and Will’s Way like to race her.  Will’s Way though, actually challenges her—he drops his head, snorts at her, tosses his head and starts to trot.  Marley starts running and Will arches his neck to keep pace with her, tilting his head to watch.  They reach the end of Will’s paddock and turn around to do it again.  It’s really cute.  Will doesn’t do that with Jake, so it must be some connection with Marley.   I need a video camera. 

Sunshine was feeling playful today, too.  He kept rubbing his head against me, then dancing around and snorting.  I sure hope he didn’t think I was going to race him.  Not even a chance, Sunshine!   Awad was hanging out in his shed with just his head out, watching the snow fall, but Kiri was a little wound up.  He looked beautiful, cantering with his neck arched and his tail like a flag.  Leave Seattle wandered over to say hi and then wandered off again, back to his hay.

Clever Allemont is doing great.  He crunched some carrots and mints—didn’t take him long to figure out that routine—but he was really more interested in blowing bubbles in his water.  Just like a big, horsey, kid, isn’t it?   Monty is the cutest little guy; he must be half the size of Sunshine.   He even makes Swannie look larger.   But he is very kind and I think he is thankful for every treat and pat on the nose.   It’s probably safe to say he has more fans now than he ever did as a racehorse!   I imagine a lot of Clever Allemont fans will visit us this summer.

That’s all the news from here.  Lots of fun stuff is in the planning stage for this spring and summer at Old Friends.  But it’s always about the horses, and we have a farm full of really terrific ones.  We hope you can come visit us soon.  In the meantime, thanks for spending another Sunday with Old Friends.



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3 responses to “Sunday January 18, 2009

  1. cyndy


    I always love to read your blog and what the horses are up to on any given Sunday. Your words allow their personalities shine through and I get a glimpse into what their world is like. Thanks so much for taking the time to give us your insights on this fabulous ladies and gentlemen. And many, many thanks to everyone at Old Friends for taking such wonderful care of them.

  2. Karen Angelos

    I just began reading this site after following Monty’s journey. Funny I never knew it existed. I thoroughly enjoy your writing about the horses. I now look forward to it every Sunday. It inspires me to read about the horses you mention. Some names I recognize and others I will learn about.
    Hope to see Monty this year! Thanks for all you do.

  3. Sonia

    I agree with what Cyndy says above. I really look forward to your Sunday blogs. Your descriptions are so visual; I can picture the horses in action. I wish I could be there to see them play.

    Thanks so much for keeping us posted.

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