Friday January 2, 2009

He’s here! 

Clever Allemont arrived at Old Friends this evening, just before 7 pm.  He got off the trailer, walked into the barn and into his new stall.  He immediately dropped his head into a waiting pile of alfalfa and that was that!  He wouldn’t even take a treat—the hay was all he wanted.  After about 10 minutes of intense munching, he took one lap around his stall and went right back to the alfalfa.

He was wearing his handsome royal blue blanket so it was hard to tell, but I can say he is not a very big horse—for those of you who have been to the farm he is maybe a smidge bigger than Leave Seattle and slightly bigger boned than Awad.  His bad eye is milky white.  But when I went into the stall with him, he was happy enough to be patted and talked with.  As long as I didn’t interrupt his eating, he was fine!  

Clever Allemont’s stall is right next to Wallenda, in the stall that used to belong to Ruhlmann.   Wallenda goes outside at night, but he will be a comforting presence next door as Clever Allemont gets to know his new “digs.”  I’ll post more on Sunday, as usual, so stayed tuned for updates.


P.S. A special thanks to Ralph Quillin, of Quillin’s Leather, who drove all the way to Old Friends tonight with Clever’s brand new halter, so he would have it when he arrived. 


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9 responses to “Friday January 2, 2009

  1. Maribel

    Thank you…thank you for all you are doing for Clever!! To put him in Ruhlmans stall next to Wallenda I know is a great honor ! When I think of how his story might have ended I can only thank the Lord for guardian FOB angels and now of course Old Friends angels. LOL I know you all will do your best for him and he will thank you for it in his own special way!! Please do keep us posted .We will be watching your press conference tomorrow.HUGS and love to you ALL !!

  2. MRO

    I know there are a lot of deserving horses that need assistance & a place to live, but thank you, Old Friends, for taking this one. Clever Allemont is truly a remarkable horse with a remarkable story.

  3. Cathy

    I am so happy that he had the stroke of good luck that brought him to you. I’ll bet it’s been a while since he’s seen good alfalfa. Thank you so much for giving him the retirement he deserves!

  4. Nice blog! good work . This will help to everybody.
    Please continue this

    Thanks for this.

  5. MJ

    I can’t thank you enough for making a wonderful home for Clever Allemont. He deserves a ncie retirement and their is no better place in the world.

  6. martita goshen

    thank you so very much for the extraordinary work you all do.
    i cant wait to return
    in honor of clever allemont
    .his dear soul and for those you lost this year
    i am sending a little check and lots of love to those that make the day to day joy that goes on and the hard hard work from all the volunteers that keep the buckets full of goodies and tender care.
    what a way to begin 2009 as the world rages in at least three wars ,
    the horses that you have sheltered are a nation un to themselves
    souls telling us what really is important..not the color of material power –[which, granted helps the altruism-} but the inside of our character.
    thank you michael
    for all you do and create

  7. martita goshen

    in a world where wars rage
    what you do to make a nation of horses re live their valor and glory
    is a gift beyond
    thank you for taking in clever allemont and all you do – the extra ordinary volunteers and you michael
    true character pure authentic power.
    the horses lead the way to what is really important in life
    a check is on its way to honor alphalfa hay and those who passed and those who are here

  8. Roseann

    Thank you to everyone involved with Old Friends for your commitment to the horse’s well-being and the continued education of the public.

    Thank you for being Clever Allemont’s new forever home! He is deserving of the attention he will now receive and I’m very sure he will soak it up (after the newness of the alfalfa wears off), LOL!

  9. Pam

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you do for these wonderful animals. May God bless!

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