Sunday December 21, 2008

It’s cold in Kentucky today.   Twenty-two degrees, bright and sunny and can I mention that four-letter Kentucky word that begins with “w”?   No tours today, so I spent a little time just visiting.   

I took a pocketful of carrots over to see Fortunate Prospect.  He is, as you probably know, our oldest retiree.  He is in great shape and such a smart horse.  He had been standing in the sun with his black body angled to maximize the heat absorption.  When I burrowed my cold fingers into his coat, it was like a heater; it felt great.  At least it did to me—he might not have liked my cold hands buried next to his skin!   But he loved having his face rubbed and his neck scratched while he munched on his carrots.

That was about all the cold wind I wanted to be standing in, so I headed up to the barns to see inside horses.  Wallenda was lying down, is as usual during the day.  I went into his stall to give him some carrots, and that lazy horse had the nerve to complain when I didn’t feed him quickly enough!  He eventually decided to get up, in the hopes of getting more treats.   Boy, once he was standing I could see that he was covered with mud from head to tail: his mane, his tail, under his belly, on his face and behind his ears!   Wallenda likes to be brushed but he is kind of funny about it.  He wants to chew something while I work—either the brush or my sleeve works for him.  Since Wallenda is a first-class slobberer and I prefer to stay dry, we compromise.  I keep a brush in each hand—one for actual use and one for Wallenda to reach back and nibble on.  When I was finished (and I wouldn’t call him clean, just less dirty!) he had another carrot and resumed his nap.

I walked over and shared some treats with Silver Charm, who was munching hay and didn’t seem at all affected by the wind.  Of course, he is wearing his bearskin coat!  I tried to entice Williamstown over for a carrot but he also had a nice pile of hay and wasn’t interested.  I turned around to find Stage Colony looking for a handout.   I think he enjoys attention; in fact, if we were as busy as we are during the rest of the year, I can see where he would already have learned to be waiting at the fence for tours. 

Back into the barn for me—this time to see The Wicked North.  Or, in today’s case, The Wicked Dirty!  Not only was Norty covered with mud, but there are sparrows using the barn as shelter and they are obviously spending time in the rafters above his stall.  It was not just mud on Norty’s back today!  Again, I can’t say he was clean when I finished with the brush, but he was less dirty– on the surface anyway.  (By now, he’s probably been outside and gotten good and muddy again.  Sigh.  They do it on purpose, you know.)  Some carrots to Cowboy and Dan, and my day at the farm was finished.

It is the weekend before Christmas, and nearly the end of another year.  We are gearing up plans to welcome Lava Man to Old Friends in the spring.  If you are planning a trip to Kentucky next year, keep an eye on our website for details, coming soon.   

In the meantime, from all the people, cats, dogs, and horses at Old Friends, we wish you a most Merry Christmas, a joyous holiday season and a terrific New Year.  Thanks for spending this year with Old Friends!



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3 responses to “Sunday December 21, 2008

  1. Ruth Ann

    As always, just love your blog. It’s as if I’m following you around visiting all the residents! 🙂

    I hope that you & yours have a Wonderful Holiday Season and a Happy & Healthy New Year ahead! And may all the residents of Old Friends enjoy good health and happiness this coming year! 🙂

  2. Gayle

    I got my 2009 calendar today. I love turning the page over every month and admiring one of the horses. I love hearing about them on your blog, too.

    I also got the Skipingo Home book. What a wonderful true story about a horse that didn’t make it on the track but his breeders rescued him and found he had another talent.

    Happy Holidays to all at Old Friends!

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