Sunday December 14, 2008

Oh that Kentucky wind! It would have been a rather nice day, not too cold with mixed sun and clouds, but the wind was something else. And I know I talk about the Kentucky wind a lot, but it was unbelievable today. It was so bad that Williamstown turned tail to the wind to chew his carrots, turned around for another carrot and then turned back away from the wind to chew. Smart horse! I guess it was either turn away from the wind or have bits of grass, dirt, straw, and leaves blow into his face. (Well, into my face too, but I apparently wasn’t smart enough to turn away. My eyes are still feeling gritty.)

This week’s big news is that we have a new horse. His name is Mighty Mecke and his story is one that, thankfully, has a happy ending. After two knee surgeries and a career-ending fracture, owners Jeff Puglisi and trainer Steve Klesaris sold Mighty Mecke to an Ohio farm for stud duty. They later found out the farm resold him to race again…in Antigua!

As you can probably imagine, the original owners weren’t too happy, and they were successful in getting Mighty Mecke back. He arrived at Old Friends earlier this week and is settling in just great. I met him for the first time today and he is terrific—friendly and a big fan of carrots, cookies and mints. He is a nicely-built, dark bay horse with no white on him. You can tell he was loved and treated well throughout his life. Oh, and can I mention he is a maternal grandson of our own Fortunate Prospect? That makes Mecke our first multiple generation retiree. As soon as he rubbed his face against me and let me give him a kiss, I knew everyone is going to love this horse. I can’t wait to introduce him to tour groups.

If you want to read more about Mighty Mecke, The Blood Horse has a good article detailing the situation. You can find it here: (And for those of you who pay attention to this kind of thing, I know that Mightly Mecke’s sire is a horse named Mecke. I don’t mean to be confusing, but MM is simply going to be Mecke to me…)

I did have one tour today. Two women from Houston braved the wind, and we had a great time. It was a typical kind of tour—Ruhlmann attempted to grab one lady’s jacket, Pops and Ring vied for treats, Sunshine wanted to know who else we had been patting, and Swannie begged for carrots. Both ladies were very taken with Mecke, who played to the visitors like he’d been doing it for years.

Funniest item of the day: Dan apparently has wild chives growing in his paddock, and he clearly likes them. He had the worst case of onion breath, if you can believe that. I couldn’t figure out why I smelled onions until he nuzzled me and breathed in my face. Whew! I gave him lots of peppermints today.

I spent some extra time with The Wicked North today. He has rapidly become one of my favorite horses to spend time around. He is just so darn pleasant, and he loves attention. He is a total gentleman. I also wanted to spend a few minutes with my guy Wallenda, but he was lying down and had no interest in attention. Heaven forbid I should interrupt his nap.

That’s about all from here. I hope you can come see us—if you haven’t been here in a few months, you’ll love meeting our new residents Stage Colony, Siphonizer, The Wicked North and Mighty Mecke. If you have never been to Old Friends, we hope you’ll make plans to visit us soon. In the meantime, thanks for spending another Sunday with Old Friends!




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5 responses to “Sunday December 14, 2008

  1. Ruth Ann

    Mighty Mecke is one mighty lucky horse! That was such a close call, so glad that he is now safe with you!

    That was one funny story about Dan! Just can’t even imagine encountering a horse with onion breath! LOL!!!

    I read your blog every week, Val, thanks so much for keeping everyone updated on the happenings at Old Friends and how all of our “old friends” are doing! 🙂

  2. oldfriendsblog

    Thanks Ruth Ann. I love writing the blog and I wish everyone could get to know the boys, as I have been so lucky to do. Every one of them has such personality! Although, I will admit the onion breath was a first for me….


  3. Gayle

    Congratulations on the new resident and kudos to Mr. Puglisi and Mr. Klesaris! I hope Karma rewards them with a Kentucky Derby winner for their efforts. I had the same thought myself (that Mr. Klesaris said in the Bloodhorse article). A percentage of all purses should be donated for care and retirement of the horses. It’s simply the right thing to do to re-pay them, regardless of how much money they have earned. After all, they have no control over their breeding, their feed or living conditions, the ability of their trainer, or the choices their owners make on when and where they will race.

  4. That was pretty funny about Dan and the chives. I visited the farm in October and was impressed with his size he’s quit a big horse. Also just read about Pidg. So very sorry. I also met him when I was there. I would like to express my thanks to the lady at the front desk who let me use her phone as I had a problem with my rental car when I left to go and had to call a dealer for some information. I dont’t remember her name but Thank You. Also how is Ogyian doing? He was lame and I’m hoping he is better. Looking forward to another visit to see the new guys this spring.

  5. oldfriendsblog

    Hi Donna.

    Glad you got home ok–I’ll pass on your message about the phone. Sounds like we’ll see you in a few months!

    Yep, Dan is a very tall horse, probably 17 hands. He is not a big, wide horse, though. He is more the lean and lanky type. Ogie is doing fine. We had such dry weather this summer and fall, and the ground was so unbelievably hard, that we maybe had more sore feet than usual. But with our recent rain (and snow today!) everyone is feeling really good.


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