Sunday December 7, 2008

If you looked outside today, you’d think it was a gorgeous day. And if you were outside, in the sun but out of the breeze, you’d still think it was pretty nice. But if that wicked cold wind got you, well, it was wicked cold! But the horses sure felt good. No tours again today. I think the economy is a factor, as there seem to be fewer people traveling. Add to that the holiday season and the chilly temperatures, and it’s been pretty slow. I miss sharing the horses with people, but I made the best of it (ha-ha!) and spent some quality horse time on my own.
There have been a couple of address changes among the horses. The first is that Danthebluegrassman has moved into the paddock formerly occupied by Flying Pidgeon. I suppose that seemed kind of weird, but Dan is really happy. It’s a larger area than he had, and its smack in the middle of everything. Dan, being the curious and friendly horse that he is, just walked from one attraction to another. He walked over to see Marley, then across the field to talk with Bull, then back across to see what Kent was doing with the tractor, and then over to me for a treat…you get the idea. Dan is a long, tall, lanky horse who doesn’t put on that extra insulating weight easily, so he is coming in at night to give him some time out of the cold. He likes that too.
The second move this week is Siphonizer moved in with Affirmed Success and his buddy Futural. Boy, he settled in with those two like he’d always been there. You might remember that we tried to move Dan in with Affirmed Success and it didn’t work out so well. But Siphonizer, Affirmed Success and Futural never even flattened an ear with one another. We put a large round bale of hay in there today and the three of them each picked a spot and happily started munching. They make a striking group–bright red Futural, milk chocolate bay Affirmed Success, and very nearly black Siphonizer.
I saw lots of napping in the sun today. Stage Colony was stretched out on his side for awhile. He couldn’t stay down for long though, as he had to get back up and police the neighborhood. I think he’s afraid he’ll miss something! Silver Charm was lying down—he looked like a big, fuzzy dog. Williamstown found a sunny spot to park it, and Fortunate Prospect took his daily snooze as well. Wallenda found a cozy spot in his straw and curled up. Even the mares were napping, although they stayed standing.
Of course, for every horse napping there was another trying to show off. Swannie, Bull, Leave Seattle, Kiri and Will’s Way were all trotting around. Pops and Ring were roughhousing, as usual! And the rest of the boys were just hanging out. Sunshine was happy to get patted. Kudos came over for some nuzzling and a treat. Ogygian stood at his gate and nickered until I went over to say hello. Then he wandered off, having gotten his message across! Norty was inside, as he is every morning while Ruhlmann is outside. (They share a pasture.) He got a handful of treats, too. When Awad came over to say hello, I gave him a horse cookie. But then he nipped at me, I’m thinking because he was “forced” to eat a cookie when I surely know he prefers carrots….
So in the end, it was just a typical winter day at the farm. To be sure, there are a few changes: a friend who is gone and new friends settling in. But I guess that is the way things go. I hope you will get a chance to come visit us sometime soon. In the meantime, thanks for spending this Sunday with Old Friends.


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4 responses to “Sunday December 7, 2008

  1. Jean

    Thank you so much for this blog. I love reading it.
    It makes me feel close to these beautiful animals.
    I would love to visit Old Friends.
    Thanks so much to everyone there for all of your
    hard work and love and a big hug to all of the horses.
    Thanks again –

  2. Tom

    Val…thank you for continuing to write faithfully each week. Makes me feel like I’m there. I’ll miss Flying Pidgeon the next time I’m there. He was a champion to the end and it’s nice to think he may be strolling somewhere with Wild Again, Wanderin Boy and Shakis. Take care –

    • oldfriendsblog

      Thanks Tom, Jean and everyone else who has left kind words about the blog. I truly appreciate everyone who is reading it!


  3. Bert

    Val, I want to add my thanks for your updates on the goings on at Old Friends. Two great horses passed on last week, with the loss of Flying Pidgeon at Old Friends and Wild Again at Three Chimneys, both of whom we “met” in October. I’m grateful for having the chance to see them in person, and for the care extended to them in their late years. Thank You Michael and everyone for everything you do for our old friends. We look forward to visiting again as soon as possible.

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