Sunday October 19, 2008

I apologize for not posting over the past couple of weeks. I still don’t have internet access at my new house, and we have had access issues at the farm on and off over the past week or so as well. So I will post what I wrote for last week and add on today’s post as well. Might be a long one!

Last week was probably the last of the warm weather for us in central Kentucky. It was warm and dry and nicely sunny. The angle of the sun has changed of course, so it isn’t beating down as harshly as it can during the summer. It’s been a nice Indian summer kind of weather. The horses are all doing just fine. I have to remind myself that we are at an equine geriatric facility and as such, we have the usual assortment of age-related issues—a little arthritis, some teeth issues (or in Pidge’s case, the lack thereof!), some ouchy feet. Nothing major and all the horses look great. Winter coats are coming in, so the black horses are really black and the chestnut horses are a deep red. Bull remains nearly white and Dan is a lovely pumpkiny orange. Appropriate for the season, I think.

But the big news last week is we have a new resident. The Wicked North arrived last Sunday, in a Sallee horse van with his pretty copper coat all shiny in the sun. He settled in his pasture with a quick run around the fence line. The arrival of a new stallion always causes a commotion. Bull ran up and down his fence snorting and pawing the ground. He is just so b-a-d! Creator looked a tad miffed that another beautiful red horse was attracting some of his attention. And Awad just cannot take any change in his world. It was bad enough that Kiri left his paddock to have his feet done in the morning. Awad barely recovered from that before Norty arrived. When I left for the day, he was still pounding the fenceline, neighing loudly so we all knew he was upset!

It turns out that The Wicked North, who is an Eclipse award winner, is an exceptionally nice horse. It took him maybe seven minutes to figure out people with buckets equals treats. He is very friendly and loves being patted and fussed over. I told Michael I hate to categorize him so soon, but I believe we have a natural-born carrot hound. He is going to be a huge favorite on tours.

Today, the weather is much more fall-like. This morning it’s in the 50s with bright sunshine and the slightest breeze. I’m thinking we’ll see temperatures hit the low 60s today. Nice! The horses have had their fly masks taken off so we can see their beautiful faces, making the visitors with cameras happy. The horses are all feeling a little more frisky than they do in the heat. This morning Pops struck a pose—he is such a movie star. He saw the camera, lifted his head and gazed off into he distance. Ham!

We had some rain this week, so the grass has a little more green to it than over the past couple months. When I arrived at the farm this morning, Creator, Dan and Sunshine were all stretched out enjoying some rays. Silver Charm, who never gets exactly sleek in the summertime but does shed much of his furriness, has returned to his winter fuzz. His coat gets long silver-tipped hairs that make him kind of glow in the sun. He and Williamstown were both gazing longingly at Monday, grazing in her passock between them. That situation hasn’t changed all summer!

I expect to be back on a regular basis from now on, so thanks again for being patient with my absence from the blog. We hope you can visit us soon, but in the meantime thanks for spending another Sunday with Old Friends.





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2 responses to “Sunday October 19, 2008

  1. Susan Allen

    Hi Val,
    Just wanted you to know that I have missed your blog…I always read before bed on Sunday evening so I was glad to find a new one last night!
    I visited the farm a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed it so much again……anyway, I just wanted to check on Ruhlman and Ogygian…Beth told us they had some “ouchy” abcesses on their feet and I’m just hoping they are doing better???? Thanks for keeping us updated…wish I could be there all the time!

  2. oldfriendsblog

    Hi Susan.

    Yep, I am back at my weekly post. I missed it!
    Ruhlmann and Ogie are doing fine. The dry ground over the past couple of months has been difficult–we’ve seen sore feet on and off all summer–but overall the recent little bit of rain has helped soften the ground some. Several of the boys, including Awad, Sunshine and Kudos, have worn special “sneakers” at various times over the summer, to give them some extra padding. (Kind of like trading the workday heels for the birkies!) Ruhlmann wears the fancy, expensive sneakers (as does Bull) and I think Ogie has worn shoes with pads as long as I have known him. It’s definitely time for some cooler weather!


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