Sunday September 28, 2008

It’s going to be a short post today.  I took the day off from giving tours today, as Greg and I are moving to a new house this week.  Let me tell you, painting is not really all that much fun!

I did get a report from Janet this week, and she says the horses are doing well.  She said when the farrier came to trim hooves this week, all the boys behaved nicely, and allowed themselves to be caught.  This doesn’t always happen–Special Ring and Pops are notorious for avoiding the farrier.  But of course, there was one bad boy this week–Silver Charm ran and bucked around his paddock.  He doesn’t have a huge paddock, but he still managed to elude capture for a bit.  He had to make a statement, I guess.   And he is still showing off for Monday!

We are all looking forward to Lava Man’s arrival in a few more weeks.  I hear the plans are progressing for his California good-bye.  If any of our fans are in California and attend the Breeder’s Cup–take lots of pictures.

Keeneland’s fall meet opens this coming weekend.  My second favorite time of year–after the Spring meet of course!  I’ll try to post a report from the races, as well as updates about Lava Man, and any news about the current Old Friends.  In the meantime, thanks for stopping by. 




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7 responses to “Sunday September 28, 2008

  1. Joy

    I love to read the bios of the horses at Old Friends.
    I was wondering if when a new horse’bio is added if you could put “new” by the bio?
    thank you

  2. oldfriendsblog

    Hi Joy.

    I’ll pass your suggestion onto our website folks!


  3. Ruth Ann

    Now that Evening Attire is retired from racing, any chance that Michael Blowen will attempt to have EA’s owners retire him to Old Friends?

  4. oldfriendsblog

    I don’t know. But we are all fans of Evening Attire; he is a grand horse. I am sure his owners will find him a wonderful home, wherever that may be!


  5. Lois from Lakewood

    Hi Val,

    I finally got in touch with your cousin Lisa. I see her twins each week. She was amazed that my friend and I had seen you. Maybe you have heard from her by now.

    I still have friends asking about my trip to see “the horses”. I tell them it was wonderful and beyond words. I will come back again someday.

    Hi to all the great horses and you special people!

  6. Pat


    I miss your weekly posts. Is all well & you’re just too busy after your move? I hope that’s the case. I look forward to hearing about Old Friends each week & hope you will be able to continue your wonderful stories.


  7. Old Friends Blog

    Thanks Pat. I have been without internet access, but am up and running again and will be back on schedule!


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