Sunday September 21, 2008

Kentucky bluegrass?   Forget about it, it’s not even grass anymore!   Everything is completely parched in central Kentucky– brown, crispy and dusty.  The trees all seem wilted and I think we are in for a dull, colorless fall.  When Swannie paws the ground for more carrots, he raises a cloud of dust that coats everything in its path.   The “Bluegrass Bubble” is alive and well—rain passes east, west, north, and south of us, with nary a drop to be seen here.

It was busload day at Old Friends.  We had a group of educators from Hong Kong this afternoon and a large tour bus of folks from the Iowa/Minnesota state line area.  We also had some people from Germany, Ohio, Vermont and Michigan.   Everyone was very nice, as usual. 

The horses are all doing well.  While it’s still pretty warm, I guess the horses know fall and cooler weather is coming, because Ogie, Sunshine, Pops and Ring all cantered over to greet tours today.  I haven’t seen Sunshine and Ogie move that much since springtime.   I have to say, while all the horses are beautiful, both Ogie and Sunshine are something special to watch when they run.  Gorgeous!  Of course, Sunshine, who has a horse sense of humor, chose the busload of 55 people to make his run at the fence.  The group moved back as one, even as they were impressed with his little run.   Show off!

Which leads me to this observation:  it doesn’t matter if our visitors are racing fans, or even if they have any experience with horses.  Many of them, in fact, have never been near a horse, ever.    But there is just something about being around the boys that makes everyone into a horse person.  Whether it’s their first time feeding carrots, realizing how large a horse is compared to us, or being on the receiving end of a big horse sneeze, every visitor leaves Old Friends a little more in tune with farm life, animals, and the bond between horses and people.    Everyone smiles, and everyone wants to come back.  The horses love the people and the attention, and the people love the horses.  It’s just about perfect!

So, until you can come visit us, thanks for spending another Sunday with Old Friends! 



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3 responses to “Sunday September 21, 2008

  1. Gayle

    What a shame. I lived at Fort Knox and Fort Campbell in the 70’s, and the falls were so beautiful. Sending blessings for rain your way!

  2. oldfriendsblog

    Hi Gayle.

    it’s sad really, the trees are dropping leaves like crazy–they are just drying up and falling off. Sigh.

    The flip side is that we’ve had gorgeous sunny weather and pretty sunsets!


  3. Nancy Dober

    Val – are you guys really getting fall this early. Time to raise those tails high and get some good bucks in the cool mornings. I am so very proud of each and every one of you. Give Remmington a big kiss for me!!!!!


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