Sunday September 14, 2008

Wow, was the wind something else today!  I think it was clocked in Lexington somewhere around 50 mph, with higher gusts.  We had three run-in sheds blow over, and I think the damage was pretty significant on a couple of them.   No rain, which we dearly need, but I guess we sure got some of the wind from Hurricane Ike.  Walking around, doing tours in that wind made me appreciate those nutty TV weather people who report from the hurricane-drenched beaches!

Even though it was pretty warm today, the horses were excited by the wind and quite a few of them showed off their old racing form.  Flying Pidgeon surprised us all with his antics this afternoon.  He ran around, his tail flying like a banner, kicking and squealing.  That is saying something, considering he is 28 years old!!  Pops and Ring, Will’s Way, Awad, Leave Seattle and Creator also did some leg-stretching.  Even the mares were all worked up, running across their pastures like a bunch of yearling fillies. 

Tour dogs Jake and Marley enjoyed themselves today.  Jake has a tour routine—he ambles ahead of us one or two paddocks, finds a comfy spot and lays down to await our arrival.  Once we catch up to him, he strolls on down to the next spot and waits again.  But I sure wish I had a camera today.  Danthebluegrassman dropped his head to the bottom of the fence to see Marley, who decided Dan needed his face washed.  I turned around and she was licking his face.  It was a Kodak moment for me!

I was out at the farm Friday evening and walked over to see Wallenda in his paddock.  He meandered over to see me and I reached over the fence to scratch his back.  (Most of the horses enjoy a good back scratching, some even more than others.  A lot of visitors have seen how much Kiri and Bull love having their backs scratched.)  But Wallenda was the best ever.  Once I found his itchy spot, (for future reference, just in front of his withers) he started to drool–big, ropey strings of slobber!  Then, he leaned into the fence and just when I hit the itchiest spot, his front leg buckled.  If it hadn’t been for the fence, he would have fallen right down.  Wallenda is a pretty vocal horse; he’s always nickering and talking.  But if he could have spoken just then….

We had some great tours too, a group of Michigan ladies on a “girls weekend,” to Old Friends and the Keeneland sale tomorrow.  We also had a couple who own and show quarter horses, a wonderful lady from California, and some really nice folks from Ohio.   Still, once in a great while people shock me, in both good and bad ways.  So, for the people who lifted the money from the donation bucket in the office today, I sure hope you desperately needed that money.  And for the wonderful people who felt so badly about it they gave extra money to make up for what was stolen…words can’t describe your generosity. 

On another note, Sylvia asked me to pass on a request.  If you have been to Old Friends, for a farm tour or to stay at the B & B, and you had a good time, please take a moment to log on to and share your experience!  You can search for “Old Friends” and you’ll find us!

Another weekend is done and over.  I hope you can come see us soon.  In the meantime, thanks for spending another Sunday with Old Friends!




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2 responses to “Sunday September 14, 2008

  1. oldfriendsblog

    Kathleen Foster

    September 16, 2008 at 4:39 pm · Edit

    I am so glad to see that Ruhlmann has a good home. I have a 5 year old mare by him, she couldn’t make it at the track, knowing that she could run but had some head issues, I decided to stop with her. I had several who wanted to buy her but not knowing what/how life she would have, I gave her to a friend and now she is the QUEEN BEE amoung her Polo horses. With time her head issues have been worked through, Tip has a job now and she is spoiled rotten, a #1 Polo horse.
    Men from Austrialia (Polo Association)came over and just couldn’t believe this fine mare. I smile every time I see her on a different type of turf. !
    Keep up the good work…

  2. oldfriendsblog

    Hi Kathleen.

    That is so cool about Ruhlmann’s daughter. I’ll tell him! He has really mellowed with age, and in fact he has turned into a complete treat hound. He LOVES gingersnap cookies (the people kind!) but mints, carrots, and apples work for him, too. He still is the blackest stallion we have on the farm. He is beautiful.

    (I did move your comment, so it would appear under this week’s entry.)


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