Sunday August 17, 2008

I know fall semester is starting at the local colleges and universities, because we had several incoming freshman and their families visit today.  They had mostly all seen the People article, so we were on the “things to do in Kentucky” list.   My unofficial assistant tour guide Emma was in town as well, so it was great to have her help with carrying the bucket and keeping Pops and Ring entertained.  I think if Emma’s parents would just leave her in Kentucky, she’d move in at the farm and be there every day!

Update on Williamstown’s fall wardrobe:  he is an unusual combination of bleached and dappled.  While he looked tye-dyed last weekend, today I would best describe him as a black and purple giraffe!  Really, it is the coolest thing.  Emma’s mom was taking pictures—I sure hope her camera can catch that coloration.  I have never seen anything like it.   If we get good pictures, I’ll try to have some posted.

This morning, I met a lady from Canada who was a big fan of Precisionist.  She was, I think, a little choked up when she saw his gravestone.    Visitors often tell me how a certain racehorse touched them, even if they never saw or met the horse in person.  Whether it was Precisionist, Secretariat, or a horse no one else remembers, it’s pretty amazing.   In her spare time, the woman I met today is a “foster mom” to ex-racehorses who need some healing time and care before they begin retraining for new careers.    

Speaking of a horse that has touched many, many lives, I also met some people from western New York, where I grew up and my family still lives.   The woman was a big Barbaro fan, and boy, was she happy to find out that Sunshine Forever is related to Barbaro.  (For those who don’t know, Sunshine is by Roberto, who is Barbaro’s paternal grandsire.)   Sunshine was his usual classy self, of course, letting a little girl feed him carrots and pat his nose.  

Pops and Ring have finally managed to destroy one another’s fly masks and thus are mask-free for the moment.  They were pretty well-behaved today as well, not displaying their hoodlum tendencies.   It’s nice to see their handsome faces, too!   Will’s Way tried to “sneak attack” and bite me.  He looks so innocent and pretty, then when you least expect it, wham, out come the teeth!   I had just finished telling the group that he sometimes does that, and sure enough.   Once again he proved that he understands English!  The other horse who managed to remove his fly mask today was Ogygian.  He sure looks good this summer, all fat and shiny.    Yesterday, I actually laid eyes on Bonnie’s Poker and Narrow Escape.  They looked fabulous, although as usual it was a distant view.  They really have no interest in visitors. 

We are really in the lazy days of summer, although fall is in the air.   Once school starts it seems that Sundays aren’t quite so busy.   I won’t mind some cooler weather when I’m walking around the farm, and I know that the horses won’t mind it either.   A couple of visitors asked me today if the horses ever run around, and once the weather cools off we’ll see them run much more often.   I’m looking forward to that.  I hope you can come see the boys show off their form sometime soon.  In the meantime, thanks for spending another Sunday with Old Friends!



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  1. rebecca

    i left a note on your flickr page…i visited on 7/31 and was amazed. it really touched me. i have a few photos you’re welcome to should you enjoy them.

    also, i’ve decided to relocate to lexington. i don’t know if you ever need any administrative help, but i’d be available. looking for work in the area by fall.

    you can contact me if you have any interest in either of the above mentioned topics. thank you and keep up the great work. loved the people article, too!

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