Sunday August 10, 2008

What a great weekend in Kentucky!  I don’t think we can complain one little bit about our summer weather this year.  The fields are still green, albeit a completely different green that what we see in springtime.  Summer grass is less intense, more muted, leaning toward an avocado or army green.  Still, the horses are happy to have green grass to eat.    

By now you may know our big news–Old Friends was featured in People magazine this week!  Yep, we are in the Brad and Angelina baby issue.  Pretty exciting, and today every tour group had seen the article.  Michael, Diane, Kudos, Invigorate and Silver Charm were pictured in the article, so we have some new celebrity status on the farm.   One lady was excited when she spied Diane, and I also heard that Diane was recognized in the grocery store this week.   Kudos, as a retired famous millionaire racehorse, takes this in stride.  Silver Charm, however, believes he was deserving of the cover.  He is supremely annoyed that he was bumped by those babies.   If you haven’t seen the article, look for it!

Someone today commented that Williamstown’s new summer color makes him look like he’s been tie-dyed, and they nailed that description.   His sides and flanks are a mixture of darker brown and an almost purplish, lighter color that is a perfect tie-dye pattern.  It’s pretty cool looking.  

Today a number of people also remarked how, ahem, well-fed the horses look.  Creator, the gorgeous one, has packed on a few extra pounds this summer.   Janet’s horse Monday is also looking pretty “well-rounded” and Special Ring could pass for a big, old quarter horse gelding.   Kiri is just plain chubby and Sunshine hasn’t missed any meals either!   Even Pidgeon is looking good, and summertime heat is hardest on him.   This afternoon a visitor said Will’s Way looked especially fat and lazy as he ambled over for carrots.  Will, being somewhat proud of his good looks, did not like that comment.  As soon as he had his carrots (priorities!) he threw his head up, wheeled around and ran a couple strides, then posed with his ears pricked and his nostrils flaring.   Done on purpose, and proving they understand exactly what we say about them!     

All in all, it was a fine day at the farm.  We hope you can visit us soon, but in the meantime, thanks for spending another Sunday with Old Friends.




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5 responses to “Sunday August 10, 2008

  1. Ruthann vandenBurg

    I cannot tellyou how much I enjoy your blog. I volunteer at Old Friends many days a week but never get out to see the horses, I am in the office sending out acknowledgements, answering phone and working in the gift shop. Your comments make my heart sing, I love each and every one of these guy and gals and wish I would take the time to spend some time with them. Your words are beautiful and bring all that is true and wonderful about the farm to many people. Thank you so much for all you do. In Michael’s words, “you are the best” and in my words we are blessed to have you on the farm!!!!!

  2. oldfriendsblog

    Honest, I didn’t pay her, really!!!

    thanks for the nice review, Ruthann!


  3. Although it pained me to buy that issue, it was great to see Old Friends in the spotlight and Michael is one of my heroes! I am hoping to move to Virginia in the next year, and a stop at Old Friends is definitely on my travel route. Hopefully there’s a hotel/motel nearby that takes dogs and cats? Gayle

  4. oldfriendsblog

    There are definitely motels in the Lexington/Georgetown area that accept pets. Jake and Marley are experienced motel dogs!

    Glad you saw the People issue. Let us know when you pass through, we’ll be looking for you!


  5. Christine Carroll

    Hello Michael and the crew…Miaka and I had one priceless day at Old Friends!!I can’t remember the last time I met such incredible folks … Michael, thank you for your time , your patience with all of our questions,and most of all for sharing your precious animals with us…We have some great photos that we will be sending your way…You have truly inspired us..We arrived as visitors, but we left as friends… can’t wait to come back to visit.

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