Sunday July 27, 2008

Compared to the last couple of weekends, today was relatively quiet and calm at Old Friends.  After last Sunday’s incredibly busy tour schedule, I admit it was kind of nice to have smaller groups.

The horses are all doing well.  Now that Wallenda is going outside at night, he is one tired guy during the day.  Both the 10 o’clock and the 1 o’clock tours found him lying down in his stall, snoozing.  He didn’t even bother to flick an ear when we peered into his stall window.  He looked like a big, old, black dog lying there, with his legs curled underneath him.    But by the last tour he came to his window, dipped his head and checked out the four or five kids who were checking him out. 

Speaking of kids, we had 3 year old Jacob visiting today.   He thought it was pretty funny that he had the same name as Jake the tour dog.  At one point I asked Jake (the dog) to sit and both Jakes actually listened.  That may never happen to me again!  But Jake, the human one, was awful cute.  He made sure his mom kept up with us, (“Come on Mom; let’s go!”) and made really sure that I knew the horses needed more carrots. 

We had a young lady named Daniela and her dad today.  Daniela lives in Columbia and she was very nice.  Maybe a little shy around the horses at first, but she handed out carrots just fine.  Danni and her dad came with specific instructions from Grandma in Boston to meet Ogygian.   So, if Grandma is reading this–mission accomplished, with pictures to prove it!   

Ogie was great with the group of kids, and they were good with him.  Once I explained the need to talk to him so he knows where you are, (since he only sees from one side) all the kids chattered away at him like they’d known him forever.  “Hey Ogie, I’m over here, Ogie do you want another carrot, why does he only have one eye, does Ogie like kids, can I pet Ogie?”   And on it went!   Ogygian just seemed rather bemused by all the fuss.

We tried to get the gelding gang to come over for a visit, but no luck.  Futural and Affirmed Success wanted no part of us either.  I couldn’t even see the mares; they were so far up in the back of their pasture.  Come to think of it, even Fortunate Prospect didn’t come over until the end of the day.   I don’t know if it was the heat or just that they were more interested in grazing. 

Thankfully Williamstown, Awad, Pops, Ring, Sunshine and Kiri were up to socializing today.   Leave Seattle is looking good.  

Dan is almost as much of an attention hound as Swannie, and that is saying something.  No horse loves attention more than Swannie.   I’m sure many horses enjoy it almost as much, but he is the champ!  And I think the only thing he likes more than attention is DIRT!  He is the dustiest horses ever and isn’t happy unless he is covered head to tail.  And he is always willing to share his dirt, rubbing or shaking on you.  What a guy!

Before I wrap up for this weekend, I want to say “hey” to Curtis from California.  Hope you can return to Kentucky soon; I enjoyed your company today.    And, Happy Birthday to my (much) younger sister Karen, in New York!     

That wraps up another Sunday at Old Friends.   Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you can visit us soon!


P.S.  Miss you, Big B.


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2 responses to “Sunday July 27, 2008

  1. Norma Jean Fullmer

    I am thrilled to see and read the blog. I haven’t visited the site for a while and was able to get caught up on everything!! I did email, but will say again, I am sorry for the recent loss. I know that’s part of what you do, but the best part is the wonderful life you all give the retirees, happy and dignified!!
    I didn’t see anything about Ferdie’s son, Bull in the Heather! I hope all is well?
    I hope to be there to see him and all the horses, and yourselves of course: in the spring 2009. Short of any other catastrophies this year, we will be there!!
    Again, thanks for the blogs. It’s a wonderful way to keep “in the know!”
    Norma Jean

  2. oldfriendsblog

    Norma Jean,

    thanks for writing. Sorry for not mentioning Bull; he is doing great. He has some fancy new shoes this summer that he loves. I think for him it’s like the difference between wearing dress shoes and a really comfy pair of good sneaks. But he looks fabulous! Saw a picture of him in his racing days this week–he was much more svelt, shall we say, and much more of an dark iron gray.
    Looking forward to meeting you next spring–let us know when you are planning your trip!


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