Sunday July 20, 2008

Welcome to Sunday at Old Friends.  What a day it was!  It was Breyerfest weekend at the Kentucky Horse Park.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with Breyer, it is a line of very collectable model animals, especially horses.  Breyer often issues models of famous horses like Barbaro, Smarty Jones, and famous horses of other breeds and disciplines.   I still have a number of Breyer horses from my childhood, including my favorite, the Black Stallion. (Personally, I think there should be a model of our own Silver Charm!)

Breyerfest weekend is important to Old Friends for several reasons, but for me it is always among our busiest weekends of the year.  Today was no exception.  I think we had over 100 visitors today.  It was great, since so many of the Breyerfest visitors are families with horse-crazy kids.  Always my favorite visitors, today we had terrific kids from beginning to end.

Today’s tour groups were all pretty large, and with the larger groups it can be difficult to remember everyone.  So for all the kids who were here today, I sincerely wish I could remember each one of your names, because all of you were polite, kind and very, very nice. 

Among today’s visitors was Anna from Knoxville, Tennessee.  Anna and three of her young friends held a bake sale during their neighborhood yard sale, and raised $150.00 for Old Friends.  When I told the tour what she and her friends Hannah, Erin and Laurel had done, the entire group applauded her.  How great was that?  (Anna, if you read this, maybe you and your mom can call or email the farm and leave your last names with Sylvia?  Thanks!)

I know sometimes I tend to mention certain horses over and over. But no kidding, some of them are such darn characters, how can I not?  Let me tell you, today I saw a horse do something I have never seen.  I am talking about Awad, and he is loaded with character.  Janet calls him high-strung, and he is.  He is very vocal; he neighs when cars come up the drive like a watch dog, he is a sucker for letting Pops and Ring antagonize him, and any change in routine upsets him.   But on our tour this morning, I turned around to see blood dripping out of his mouth.  Yes, blood!   Now I know that should seem like a big deal, but I know Awad and his tendency to do goofy things.  So, I opened his mouth to check it out, and he had bitten his tongue!   Like one of the men on the tour said, “Well, I’ve bitten my tongue, too, so I know how he feels!”    

The rest of the horses are all fine as well.   Flying Pidgeon came over for a quick visit today.   Everyone always feels badly that he can’t have carrots, but Pidge just doesn’t have the molars left to chew carrots.  I think Fortunate Prospect is getting more of his little white spots.  Other horses go gray with age; he is getting little white spots the size of pennies all over his body.   Everyone laughs at Kiri—he adores a good scratching just behind his withers.  He gets this ridiculous look on his face, his neck cranes out and his lip quivers.   Pops and Ring are hooligans; there is no other explanation for the things they do.  Today as they ran over for treats they were bucking, kicking and biting at one another.  As Michael said, they were a little cranky today!   All the geldings are doing well. (Including one of my favorites who I never seem to mention.  So, kudos to Kudos!)  Ditto with the mares—all good.

All in all, it was a great day at the farm.  Visitors came from Alabama, Texas, Chicago, Michigan, Ohio, California, Pennsylvania and New York, among other places.    I look forward to having you all visit us again.  If you haven’t been to see us, I hope you can visit sometime soon.  In the meantime, thanks for spending another Sunday with Old Friends!




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3 responses to “Sunday July 20, 2008

  1. Anna Reddick

    Dear Val,
    I read your blog for the day that I came. Thank you for mentioning my friends and I, but her name is Hannah, not Haley.
    I agreed with you when you said that they should have a model of Silver Charm. It would be one that I would definitely add to my collection!!
    Thank you for being a wonderful tour guide. I hope to be on another of your tours sometime!
    Your friend,
    Anna Reddick

  2. oldfriendsblog


    My apologies to your friend Hannah. I looked at my notes and sure enough, I have Hannah written down. No excuse for that!
    I sure enjoyed meeting you and hope you come back soon. You and your friends are pretty terrific, and everyone at Old Friends thanks you.


  3. Sue Sefscik

    Just a reminder! Saturday, July 26, Taylor’s Special Stakes at Arlington Park.

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