Sunday July 13, 2008

Today was, according to the TV weatherman, supposed to be rainy with a strong chance of thunderstorms.   Mother Nature had other plans of course, and after a cool, cloudy and breezy start we ended up with an absolutely gorgeous day.   And boy, were we busy!  

 It started at 10 am, with a family from the Chicago area who came to Kentucky specifically to visit Old Friends.   They brought pictures of their own rescued Thoroughbred, both before and after rescue.  What a happy difference!    But little did I know they were setting the theme for the day.

From that point on, both Michael and I were busy with tours pretty much straight through until 4 pm.  At one point I looked at the lineup of vehicles parked outside the big barn.   Including my own Kentucky plates, we had plates from Florida, Tennessee, Illinois, Virginia and Ohio.   I generally ask my groups where everyone is from, and I think we all enjoy hearing the different locations. 

The horses are all doing just fine.  Kiri’s Clown has some new shoes—glue-ons, which will help him with some “ouchy” feet.  A part of aging in this case, but he seems very happy with the new sneakers.   (There is something to that old fable about the mouse and the lion and the splinter in the lion’s paw, because I think even Ruhlmann has mellowed since he got his new sneakers!)

Wallenda was able to spend last night outside in his “private” small ring.  Janet said he came inside very tired this morning.  It’s really great that he can do that, since his back leg is more than a little fragile-no running and bucking for Wallenda!  Still, he has a good life, and enjoys his time outdoors

I haven’t told Janet yet, (and this is not a great way for her to hear it), but today her girl Monday took off running like a quarter horse from one end of her paddock over to our tour group.  When she got close to the fence she tucked her behind like a good reining horse and slid a good 30 feet right up to the fence.   I know it was that far because she left two very clear skid marks in the grass.   A little scary, but I suspect Monday knew exactly what she was doing.   The athleticism of horses always amazes me, no matter how many examples I witness!

I’ll bet we had more than 50 visitors today.  Like always, they came from all over and represented multiple generations of kids, parents and grandparents.  Not unusual for us, at all.   But something pretty special struck me about the people today.

At least three of the people at the farm today have been directly involved in rescuing an unwanted horse.   It was clear to me that every one of them would do it again, and every one said the horse they made a part of their family has made an immeasurable contribution to their lives.  Each of those people and their families came to Old Friends to celebrate and share that joy with us.   It was very cool.

Thanks for spending another Sunday with Old Friends.  We hope you can visit us sometime soon. 



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