Sunday July 6, 2008

Another holiday weekend at Old Friends is done and in the books.  Independence Day weekend is always a good tour weekend, I think.

On Saturday, Kent and Greg went to get hay.  It’s that time of summer and thankfully it looks like a good year for hay.   But that meant Greg and I were at the farm without Jake and Marley.   This is most definitely not OK with our dogs!  Jake and Marley knew they had been cheated, so they were especially happy to go to the farm today.   (They wait all week for Sunday.  They love to see Janet’s dogs Duncan and Shane, as well as visit with all the people. )   A couple of people asked me this afternoon if the dogs and horses get along ok, and they really do.  Danthebluegrassman was very curious about Marley today– they were nose to nose at the fence.    All four dogs know not to go into the paddocks and they never bark at the horses.   Although I have to admit it did get rather warm for Jake today.   This afternoon he was sprawled on his belly in the barn with all four legs spread-eagled in the dirt.  He looked so silly laying there, out came the cell phones as people took pictures of him. 

Anyway, it apparently was quite busy Friday and Saturday, but today started out kind of slow.  The 10 am tour cancelled, so we helped Kent and Janet unload and stack a trailer of hay.  Worked up a little sweat, got a little dirty…an overall fine start to the day!  

I had a few minutes before the afternoon tours started to just sit and enjoy the farm.  It’s so peaceful. Only Swannie had any energy.  He took a few laps around his paddock but then settled in for some quiet grazing.  Everyone else was just kind of snoozing.  You can feel the pulse and rhythm of the farm slow down significantly in summer; no one really moves too much.  Pops and Ring probably have the most energy, along with Swannie, but Ogygian, Williamstown and Kiri don’t move around much at all.  Creator, Flying Pidgeon, and Fortunate Prospect each found some shade, propped a back leg and took naps.  Ruhlmann spent the hottest part of the day in his run-in shed, out of the sun.  He did come over to get some treats, though.   Wallenda was outside in the small ring and got down for some serious rolling.  He sure sounded like he was enjoying himself too, grunting and groaning.   When he got up, he shook off a major cloud of dust.

The big move of last week– Dan with Affirmed Success, and Futural with the gelding gang–didn’t work out so well.  Affirmed Success and Futural are too attached and are happier together, so Dan moved to a paddock next to Sunshine Forever.  Now Sunshine and Dan have become rather chummy across the fence.  They must be comparing notes on their respective racing careers!   Dan has very quickly learned to watch for the “bucket brigade”—he heads right over to the fence for treats.   He’s a very friendly horse and I think must have been treated pretty well throughout his racing career, because he sure likes people.   

The afternoon wound up pretty quickly and we had almost continual tours from 1 pm right through until 4 o’clock.   Our intern, Aubrey, managed the gift shop and office all day.  She is a great help on Sundays.   

We had a nice little girl from here in Frankfort, Kentucky who wants a share in a horse at Old Friends for her birthday.  Mom asked her who her favorite horse was, but it was all of them, I think.  Someone asked me which is my favorite horse.  I’ll admit to soft spots for Wallenda, Kiri and Fortunate Prospect.  Oh, and Sunshine, Affirmed Success, Awad, Swannie, the Pidge…oh who am I kidding?  Every horse is my favorite, too!

That wraps up another week of summer, and another Sunday with Old Friends.   Thanks for stopping by, and we hope to see you soon!



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