Sunday June 29, 2008

What a nice Sunday it was, too:  partly cloudy, a nice refreshing breeze and only 80 degrees.  Everyone was happy!

I have to officially welcome a couple horses to Old Friends.   Leave Seattle, our first son of Seattle Slew, (Williamstown being the second) returned to Old Friends after about a six or seven month stay at Hurstland Farm.  He’s glad to be back I think, and is settling in between his old neighbor Kiri’s Clown and the bad boys of racing, Pops and Ring.   Leave Seattle was the first Old Friends horse to take a nip at me, and for old time’s sake he gave it another shot this weekend.  No surprise there!    

Our other new resident is Danthebluegrassman!   Dan has been over at Dr. Byers’ farm recovering from his “surgery” (Dan was gelded) but now he shares a pasture with Affirmed Success.  I’d sure like to report that I had a great time with Dan this weekend.  Nope, not happening!  Unfortunately, he was far more interested in talking with the other geldings next door as well as showing off his running style.   About he closest I got to Dan was 200 yards and a view of his backend. 

Because of Dan’s arrival, Futural moved into the big pasture with the other geldings.  All this moving around and restructuring has the boys worked up.  Of course, the mares are in the field behind the geldings.  They are not worked up at all.  In fact, they obviously couldn’t care less.  Those girls just moseyed to the far end of their pasture and stayed out of it.   Ogygian is next to the geldings as well, and those silly young kids barely register on his radar.  He has no time for all that foolishness!

We had visitors from all over today.  Let’s see.  Philadelphia, and Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Rochester, New York.  Connecticut, Ohio, Kentucky, St. Louis.  Today’s “Far, Far, Away Award” goes to the lady from Israel.   Kids, parents, grandparents, horse people, not horse people, FOBs (Friends of Barbaro).  Everyone seemed to have fun and I always enjoy hearing what brought them to Old Friends.  Mostly, I think it’s a desire to meet the horses up close and personal, and have a chance to interact with them.   Every week it seems a different horse steps up and makes an extra special impression. 

Today was Sunshine’s turn.  He is always a good horse, but today he impressed everyone with his friendliness.  He allowed himself to be fussed over, patted, fed, and fussed over some more. One of his young fans brought him a beautiful blanket with his name embroidered on it.  Thanks Sarah!

We had a young lady in a wheelchair today.  Her family took turns pushing her around the farm and both Silver Charm and Awad seemed to take an extra interest in her, pushing their noses through the fence so she could reach out and touch them.   It was nice.

Well, June is about over and we are headed into July.  I want to wish everyone a happy and safe Independence Day.  Hope to see you soon, but in the meantime, thanks for spending another Sunday with Old Friends!


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