Sunday June 22, 2008

Summer is officially here and the signs are everywhere.     I noticed today that Diane has changed out the flowers in the gift shop window boxes.  No more spring pansies.  Now we have beautiful geraniums, petunias and ivy.  We also have sun bleached manes, flies, and fly masks.  Sure enough, summer is here!

Ogygian has perhaps the most original fly mask ever.   As you may know, Ogie has only one eye.  Someone with a sense of humor (I know who, but I’m not telling!) painted a purple pirate eye patch on his fly mask.   I think he figures it gives him a rather rakish aura.  It’s pretty cute! 

We had great tours today.  A lot of kids; they are always my favorite visitors.  We had a nice family this morning with four kids. They really enjoyed getting to know the horses.  We also had a couple of families make unscheduled stops on their way to their vacation destinations.  As she patted Fortunate Prospect, my new friend Sarah confided, “I’ve always wanted to do this.”   She gave her first-ever horse kiss to Gramps, too.  He accepts kisses from little girls like he does everything—with dignity and kindness.

 I also want to say hi to Vicky, who came from Texas with her mom and dad for, as she called it, “a trip of a lifetime.”  This weekend, Vicky and her folks visited Claiborne Farm and Adena Springs Farm.  Vicky was happy to be able to visit Secretariat’s grave, and she was thrilled to see Pulpit and Giacomo.   But I think she liked our own Awad the best.  Really though, who wouldn’t?  

Jake and Marley were along for tours today.  I tried to get Jake to stay in the air-conditioned office this afternoon but he would have none of that.  He takes his tour guiding job seriously.  I had a group of people at 3 pm who looked at Jake laying in the shade, looked at me, and stayed with Jake in the shade! 

Central Kentucky has had a fair amount of rain this spring so our grass is still green and growing.  Yesterday, Williamstown’s paddock was being mowed and I watched him race the tractor.   Not that it was much of a contest.  He could run at least five laps to about one-half of a tractor lap!  But he sure looked pretty, with his tail streaming and his four white feet flashing.  Watching Williamstown run, looking at Creator gaze off into the distance with the wind blowing his mane, or seeing Fortunate Prospect dip his head so a little kid can pat him–it can take your breath away.  At its core, this was a simple idea that Michael had.  But I think that simple idea has made Old Friends a place that celebrates beauty, joy, kindness, and dignity. 

Thanks for spending another Sunday with Old Friends.  Come see us when you can!




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2 responses to “Sunday June 22, 2008

  1. Michelle

    Would love to see a pic of Ogie’s purple eye patch!!!

  2. oldfriendsblog

    I’ll see what we can do to get a picture up, Michelle!


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