Sunday June 8, 2008

ABB– After Big Brown.   What a day.  We’re all feeling kind of bad about Big Brown.  I think our own Ruth Ann took it the hardest—she was ready to celebrate a Triple Crown winner.   But it sure makes you appreciate just how doggone HARD it is to win those three races, and what fabulous horses the past winners must have been.   And since my glass is generally mostly full, I figure there’s always next year!

Today was hot.   There was no escaping it and the only relief was a nice, albeit hot, breeze.  The horses were hot, the dogs were hot, and the people were hot.   Duncan (the Wonder Dog) would walk a few steps, rest a few seconds, go on his way for a  few steps, then rest for a few.  I watched him carefully dip his paws in a water bucket—a little extra cooling off for him.  I think animals are considerably smarter than we humans.  Because, yes, we had tours today and we did walk around in the heat!

 Our first tour this morning was actually three or four separate family groups, including a couple young ladies who took some serious pictures.   Sometimes the horses crack me up—let a camera point toward them and they pick up their heads and gaze off into the distance, usually with the wind blowing their manes just so.  Very majestic.   Of course, you are almost guaranteed to miss that pose.  Instead, you get a photo of floppy ears and droopy eyes.   (Actually it’s like that family portrait your Great Aunt Susie wants.  Someone always looks asleep!)

There are maybe three or four questions I am asked almost every weekend, and near the top of the list is what we do with the horses in the winter.  I always answer that horses prefer cold to hot, 30 or 40 degrees to 85 or 90.  Today was a perfect example of that—horses hanging out, kind of snoozing, with tails swishing.   You don’t see much action or enthusiasm from them when it’s this hot.   Pops and Ring were energetic enough to trot over for carrots, but only one time.  After that, they waited for us to come to them.  It was the same for Creator, Williamstown and Sunshine.  Fortunate Prospect, AKA the smartest horse in the world, just strolls from one part of his shade to another.  No hot sun for Gramps.  Swannie took a couple quick canters around his paddock but that was it for him.  Awad has turned into a watch-horse.   Janet and I were in the barn when we heard him neighing—he was letting us know we had some visitors.   Silver Charm said it was even too warm for soccer.   But all the horses are doing just fine, and we better get used to it because we will have more days like this!

Hmmm….that gives me an idea.  One of these times I’ll have to compile a list of frequently asked questions and answers for the blog.  

This afternoon we had a family from the Akron, Ohio area.  They were heading to the Smoky Mountains for vacation.  I enjoyed meeting both of the girls—I hope you come back and see us again!  We’ll have more carrots ready.   At the same time, we had a family from Dayton, Ohio.  It was Grandma and Grandpa, Dad, and two little guys small enough to take the tour in their very own wagon powered by dad.  The littlest guy had on a Margaritaville hat.   “Fins to the left,” boys!   All four had some quality time with Swan’s Way, who really enjoys kids, especially when carrots are involved. 

I hope the weather is tolerable where you are.  I think we’re heading into another hot summer, but we’ll be here and looking forward to your visit.  In the meantime, thanks for spending this Sunday with Old Friends!



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