Tuesday May 27, 2008

I apologize for being so late with my entry this week.   I took Sunday off from giving tours because we had family in town.   My brother, sister-in-law and two nieces came to Kentucky from western New York State.  So I was a Kentucky tour guide this weekend!

Things are good at Old Friends, though.  The horses are settling in nicely for the summer months.  Everyone has shed their winter coat–even Pops, who took his sweet time getting rid of the fur this year.  Ruhlman is just stunning.  He is sleek, shiny, and black as midnight since the sun hasn’t faded his coat yet.   Of course, he knows he looks good.  He might be the only horse who uses his run-in shed to escape the sun.  I don’t think it’s because he is too warm though.   I might be wrong, but I’m pretty sure he is trying to avoid those coat-fading UV rays! 

My nieces specifically asked to see a horse than ran in the Kentucky Derby, and I tried to deliver.  We started our Saturday morning with a tour of Darley Stud.  The Darley people were great hosts, and we saw Holy Bull, Hard Spun, and Any Given Saturday.  We capped the Darley tour by being allowed to pat the 2007 Derby winner, Street Sense.  After Darley of course we went to Old Friends, where we saw Wallenda and Bull inthe Heather.  That is a pretty fine list of Derby runners!  

On Sunday we traveled to Churchill Downs and the Derby Museum, where we saw the wall that lists the Derby starters for each year’s race, back to the very beginning.  Wallenda and Bull inthe Heather are on that wall, under the 1993 Kentucky Derby.    I visit Wallenda and Bull every week and I feel like I know them both.   But seeing their names on that wall at the Derby Museum is an amazing thing.

After everyone left for home on Monday, Greg and I went to the farm for our own tour.  It’s really great sometimes just to walk the farm.  It’s so peaceful and beautiful.  We didn’t have any treats with us, but the horses came to say hello nonetheless.  Well, all but one.  Williamstown was more interested in hanging out with Monday.  Big surprise there!   Pops, Ring, Awad, Kiri, and Sunshine were happy to wander over for a pat on the nose.  The bad boy was Will’s Way.  He took one look, saw no treats, and tried to bite me.   Horses may not speak, but they sure know how to let you know what they want!

I’ll be back on tour duty next weekend with a full report.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed this short update.  Come and see us when you can!



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