Sunday May 18, 2008

Today was a beautiful day, especially when compared to last Sunday.  No rain, about 73 degrees and bright sunshine.  The seemingly ever-present Kentucky wind was blowing, as it has been doing a great deal.   All the horses are feeling great, though.   Kiri blew out a quick sprint across his paddock this afternoon.  He still can move when he wants to.  Of course anything Kiri does, Awad must do as well. He had to prove he can still bust a move, too.  They both did it for the joy of running, because they feel good, and because they are happy.   It was a glimpse of what they must have been like when they raced against one another, back in the day.

We had a full schedule of tours today—people from Pennsylvania, Washington State, Oklahoma and Ohio, as well as right here in Kentucky.   We had families with kids, including two or three girls who were pretty excited to see the horses and a three year old guy who was clearly a horseman in training.   He had no fear, feeding carrots and stroking noses like an old pro.   I believe he fed just about every horse on the farm.  We went through an extra large bucket of carrots on that tour!   On the second tour of the day, the two kids had already been to Old Friends with their sitter but mom and dad were first timers.  Being a return visitor, big sister (who was maybe six) could have done the tour herself.  She had three very important things to tell me and her parents:  the white horse (Bull) might bite, the little horse (Silver Charm) plays soccer, and there is brown horse (Ogygian) with only one eye.   She had it covered!

But it is spring after all, and we have a little love triangle going on at the farm.  Janet’s show horse, Monday, is staying at the farm while she recuperates from an injury.  Since the day she arrived, Silver Charm has been smitten!   Her stall is right next to his little paddock, and he spent the first week of her residence standing as close to her stall window as he could.  I don’t know what they talked about, but make no mistake, they talked.   Opposites attract and all that; it was obviously a case of forbidden love.

Now I must say Monday is a terrific mare—beautiful, kind, and sweet.   But she is a redhead, and alas, I fear she is a bit of a flirt.  Because as Monday heals, she spends her days in a paddock set smack in between Silver Charm and….Williamstown.   Monday splits her attentions between them, back and forth.  Ahh, Monday, what will you do?   Williamstown– the big, handsome black stallion?  Or Silver Charm–cute, funny, charming and devoted?  You can see where I am going with this, right?  It’s a John Hughes/Molly Ringwald teen movie all over again!

I think I’ll end with kudos to Big Brown.  Who knows, in three weeks we could see the first Triple Crown winner in 30 years!  Of course, that 1978 Triple Crown winner was Affirmed, who beat Alydar in all three races.  Which leads me to this:  at Old Friends, you can meet Affirmed’s son Affirmed Success, and Alydar’s grandson Will’s Way.   Far less than 6 degrees of separation!

Thanks for spending another Sunday at Old Friends.  We hope you can visit us soon!



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3 responses to “Sunday May 18, 2008

  1. ivytree123

    Hey, Val – it’s Viv from Team Ivytree. We spoke again at the Homecoming about how much I enjoy your Sunday blogs and this one was delightful indeed. Sigh, as a fellow redhead, I am afraid you have Monday pegged, LOL. And although I adore the beautiful son of Slew, I cannot help but root for Charmie – he even has his own custom made bachelor pad. And…yes, go Big Brown…you probably know this already but I just discovered his material granddam is Miasma who was bred at Hurstland Farm, Old Friends previous home! So there’s a little 6 degrees of seperation there, too. Fingers crossed for a “Brown Triple Crown.” Have a great week & thanks again for the great blog. Viv

  2. oldfriendsblog

    Hey Viv! Thanks for the nice review. When are you coming back?


  3. Viv from Ivytree

    Val – we will be back the first week of June. Can’t wait. Have a great day! Viv

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