Sunday May 11, 2008

Happy Mother’s Day to all, including the moms whose children are of the equine, canine, feline or other variety!

Today was an extremely windy, rather chilly and wet day at Old Friends.  It was nothing at all like last weekend’s beautiful Homecoming weather, but we still had a couple groups of hardy souls willing to try and brave the weather.   Our first tour started in a wet drizzle.  We saw Silver Charm, Williamstown and got as far as Pops and Ring before the rain just became too much.  Actually, we should have known we were in trouble when a gust of wind popped the lone umbrella on the tour inside out.   We finished that tour inside the big barn!

I can honestly say that I wasn’t too unhappy to have a slow tour day, not wanting all that much to be outdoors among the hardy souls.  Even my associate tour guides- dogs Jake and Marley- preferred to be out of the rain and wind.   Janet’s dogs, with their thick outdoor coats, handle the weather much better.  Duncan intelligently finds a comfortable spot out of the wind, while Shane lifts his face directly into the wind and grins! 

The horses were wet, tails dripping and forelocks hanging down their faces.   Bull inthe Heather seemed quite happy today, though.  He has traded paddocks with Creator and he likes his new space—he was trotting around having a good time.  Creator probably had the better idea—turn tail to the wind, ignore the rain and get as much good, wet, green, grass as possible.  (There is a lot of wisdom in that:  ignore the uncomfortable and just focus on what’s important!)

I find that each horse has a different take on weather.  For example, Williamstown cantered over for some carrots, slipping and sliding the whole time.  I strongly suspect he enjoyed splotching mud on his visitors.  Like Bull, he seemed perfectly happy in the wind and rain.  Awad, Kiri, and Ballindaggin were all calm and happy enough, but not exactly frisky today.  Fortunate Prospect, who I believe to be the smartest horse in the world (no mail, please!) knows better than to run around on slick wet grass.  He puts each foot down deliberately and with care, grazing on the finest grasses and making sure not to wrench anything.    Pops and Ring—well, they are just as silly as usual.  Splash in the mud?  OK.  Jostle for prime carrot position?  No problem.   Have a little racing competition?  Absolutely! 

All in all it was a pretty nice day at the farm, in spite of the wind and rain.   We hope you can visit soon.  In the meantime, thanks for spending another Sunday with Old Friends.



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