Sunday April 27,2008

We all know it’s a small world, but it turns out the horse world is even smaller.  This week as I walked into the Old Friends gift shop, I came face to face with an old friend of my own from Pennsylvania.  Marta was in Kentucky for the Rolex Three-Day Event and came to visit the farm.  We go back many, many years, Marta and I.  After we got over our initial shock, we had a great time catching up.   I was sad to hear that her terrific old quarter horse, Casher, died a few years back at the ripe old age of 27.   Casher once casually dropped me into a very cold Pennsylvania stream in October.   Smart horse, he always got along best with Marta!

At Old Friends it has been a very nice weekend.  The last few days have been sunny, in the low 70s with a slight breeze; it’s hard not to love this weather.  We took a golf cart ride to the back of the farm and watched the mares romp for a bit.  The mares’ pasture is truly the most peaceful place on the farm.   The grass is deep and soft and the breeze rustles the new spring leaves.  There are no traffic noises, just the birds singing and the sound of the mares’ hooves as they trotted over to see us.   Narrow Escape and Cozy Miss were the first to come over, and Bonnie eventually followed.  While the stallions and geldings can easily be had for the price of a few carrots, the mares are much more discriminating.  They aren’t all that interested in carrots or in having visitors fawn over them.  They just want to be left alone, with green grass and water and no one to bother them.  I guess after years of raising babies, they figure they’ve had enough of people.  For those of you wondering about Bonnie’s Poker, she looks good this spring.   Her coat is shiny, her eye is bright, and let’s just say she remains a full-figured gal!   

Fortunate Prospect gets the “laziest horse ever” award today.  He stretches out on his side every day for a little siesta in the sun, but today he decided to grab a little snack before he napped.  So he grazed on some handy grass as he was lying down.  Nap or snack…what is a horse to do?  I guess he figured out how to multi–task!

Old Friends is very fortunate to have fans in many places that support our mission.  Donations come to us in many forms; carrots, apples, horse treats, and vet wrap all show up in person or in the mail almost every day.  But sometimes our younger supporters touch us the most.   In that vein, everyone at Old Friends wants to send a big hello to Kahlie from Minnesota.  This week, Kahlie sent us $100 for a share in Williamstown.  She raised the money herself, with help from her friends, with a board-breaking contest in her Tai Kwon Do class.  (Ouch!)  Look for a picture of Kahlie and her own pretty horse on our website soon.  Kahlie, I told Williamstown all about you today.  He is a horse of few words, but he said “thanks,” and he looks forward to meeting you some day.   He also mentioned that with a well-placed kick, he’s pretty sure he can break boards, too!

Next Sunday is our annual Homecoming day at Old Friends.  It’ll be a busy day as we welcome Danthebluegrassman home.   There will be music and food, along with tours and time to visit with all of us at the farm.   We’ll have both a live and silent auction featuring racing memorabilia, artwork and a wonderful selection of halters.   More details are on the Old Friends website,   We hope you can join us for a very special Sunday with Old Friends!                  Val


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