February Freeze, Eclipse Awards

The weather for the past two days has been very nasty, freezing rain on top of snow yesterday, snow on top of ice today. But we can’t let the boys and girls wait for their breakfasts, so Michael and I bundled up and trudged out into the elements to deliver feed and lots of carrots (thank you, Tim Ford) to some happy and excited horses. They don’t mind the weather, in fact they seem energized by it, as though they’d been given a day off from school.

We wouldn’t have been able to attend the Eclipse Awards at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel if it weren’t for two of our most generous and steadfast supporters. Racing writer Bill Mooney won an Eclipse for the piece he wrote about the death of the great champion Precisionist at Old Friends. It was heartfelt and it was beautifully written. He invited Michael onstage and donated the award to Old Friends. It was a remarkable moment. Angie Dickinson, who has supported Old Friends from the first, bought us a table and sat with us, lending us some much-needed glamor. I don’t mean to disparage the Old Friends group – everybody smartened up pretty well – but Angie is “Hollywood royalty,” as she was described very apty when she presented the awards for best three-year old colt and filly.  She’s also a very funny lady. When she met Dr. Holly Aldinger, looking gorgeous in a strapless coral dress, Angie said, “If she were your vet you’d make sure your horse was sick every day.”

Holly is working for six months near Palm Springs. You may remember that she was the vet who was called upon to put down Precisionist, and kissed him tenderly as he passed away. Old Friends is very fortunate to have Angie, Bill, Holly and so many other wonderful friends.  – Diane

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