Murder at Old Friends?

After Virginia Smith toured Old Friends she was inspired to write a romantic mystery loosely based on what she saw at the farm. “Bluegrass Peril” unfolds at Out to Pasture, a fictional Thoroughbred retirement facility. When founder Neal Haldeman is murdered suspicion falls upon his assistant, divorced single mother of twin boys Becky Dennison. Enter Scott Lewis, handsome assistant manager of a nearby horse farm. Together they solve the mystery and, of course, fall in love. “Bluegrass Peril” is published by Steeple Hill Books, a division of Harlequin, as part of their Love Inspired Suspense series:  “These tales of intrigue and romance feature Christian characters facing challenges to their faith…and their lives!” We’ve ordered some copies for the gift shop. Readers may recognize in certain equine characters similarities to some of our retirees. I’m almost certain Creator must have been the inspiration for the fiery stallion Alidor, although it goes without saying that he’s far more gorgeous than his fictional counterpart, and better behaved, too. My favorite part of the book is Smith’s note to readers in which she says many kind things about Old Friends, taking care to point out that the victim, “bears no resemblance to the vivacious, charismatic and very much alive Michael Blowen.”  – Diane

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